Do you want to apply eye-makeup perfectly, without messing things up? If yes, then you must know how to prevent raccoon eyes. To help you in the task, we have listed tips to avoid raccoon eyes.

How To Prevent Raccoon Eyes

Raccoon is a native mammal of North America, whose most outstanding physical characteristic is the dark fur around its eyes, which stands out distinctly from the rest of its body. While this might look rather cute on the animal, it would not look good on a human. Unfortunately, the most common result of improper application of eye-makeup, especially mascara, is that a person’s eyes end up resembling those of a raccoon. Apart from improper application, at times, choosing poor quality eye-makeup can also cause it to smudge as the day goes on, giving you raccoon eyes in the end. Read on to get some great tips on how to prevent raccoon eyes when applying makeup.
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Tips To Avoid Raccoon Eyes
  • The trick to avoid raccoon eyes is to wear your eyeliner and mascara really light. Smudging the corners of your eye for extra appeal can do wonders. However, remember, over doing your eye make-up can make you look like a character straight out of a scary movie!
  • Using waterproof mascara can be a real savior if your tear ducts work overtime, or if you have the tendency to run your hands over your eyes. Just apply a few light strokes and you are good to go!
  • You just love to do your eyes, but mess it up every time! Well, knowing how to apply your eye makeup may save you from the trouble. Always use a light white or tan foundation powder under your eyes before applying the makeup. This will prevent your eyes from getting the smudged look.
  • While doing your eyes, it is best to start by applying the mascara first. If smudges appear, you can always wipe it away without blackening your eyes. Clean the smudges by applying a bit of loose powder around the eye area, before it smears and becomes harder to remove. Also, don’t forget to moisturize the area around your eyes, before applying mascara. However, be careful that you never overdo it. Too much moisturizer can cause your mascara to run.
  • At times, using the right kind of mirror may bail you out of all the trouble! Use a small hand mirror to apply your eye makeup and look down into the surface of the mirror when applying mascara. This helps open up the eye area more and decreases the chances of smudging.
  • Keep your mascara wand clean all the time. Any goop on the wand might lead to clumpy lashes, and smudgy eyes are the last thing you wish to have on earth. So keep your wand clean and enjoy fluttering your lashes!
  • You love thick lashes but barely allow time for your mascara to dry before applying the next coat. The result - grumpy eyes! Try using lighter coats of mascara and allow it to dry properly, before applying the next coat. This way, you will be preventing that raccoon eye look.

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