Are you bored of donning the same look always? Jazz up your look with easy updo hairstyle, especially meant for short hair and get dazzling. Read on to know easy updos for short hair.

Easy Updos For Short Hair

If you thought short hair was difficult to style, reading this article may change the way you styled your short tresses so far. While long manes are easy to style, dealing with your short hair, especially when you are decking up for a party or a prom-night may take quite a few not-so-easy efforts. Well, the options for styling short hair are many and updos indeed seems to top the chart. In updos, the short hair is styled in a way to look longer and fuller. Updos are best when it comes to dealing with unruly hair and offer a quick fix solution, when you are running late for a meeting or date and don’t wish to get stuck with a formal style. Updos look chic and can be done easily. What’s best is that even if you have really short time, you can do a faux updo by just sweeping your hair up for glamorous results. So next time you step out of the house, remember you don’t have to wear that same boring look again. Just grab the pins and brushes, and check out the below mentioned easy updos and you will be good to go. Check out for easy updo styles.
Easy Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair
  • For a sassy look, you can tie up your short hair in a French bun and leave the front hair in short fringe. An impressive way to deal with your hair in case you do not have much time.
  • For very short hair, you can tie a scarf or wear a bandana, while leaving a few strands free for an ultra feminine appeal. For more adventurous chicks, try styling you mane into cool spikes with the help of mousse, hair sprays and other styling gels.
  • Wavy hairs are great to style and look extremely classy, if tastefully done. For a romantic evening, you can wear your locks into a neat bun and with a few curls loose at the sides and the nape.
  • For a more chic look, you can try braiding your hair. Just split your hair into two portions and make pig tails on both sides and roll them into buns above your ears.
  • You can also style your hair in pretty buns. For this, split your hair in the middle and make out plaits and roll them into low buns. Secure them with hair pins for a neat finish.
  • For very short wavy hairs, the best style would be to tie the hair in a high pony and let loose a few strands in the nape for a smart cool look. Make sure that the band you use has a great elasticity and secures your hair properly, without causing any tear.
  • A simple way to get stylish with short locks would be to roll your hair on the back into a neat bun and secure it with a rubber band, allowing few strands of your hair to hang loosely on the sides.
  • For uber cool look, split the hair into two sides. Take the first portion and backcomb it and puff it up and secure with hair pins. Leave the back hair loose.
  • For a more stylish look, tie one half of your hair in a bun and fix it with Chinese hair pins. Leave loose the other half of the hair.
  • For a soft look, wear your hair in a bun and let loose a few strands. Instead of using a regular comb, use your fingers to make up a neat bun for a more classic appeal.

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