A short haircut style not only looks stylish on people, but is also quite easy to maintain in most cases. Read about the various types of short haircuts and advantages of keeping the hair short.

Short Haircuts

Are you dead bored of your silky long tresses? Craving to give oneself a trendy makeover? Then march to the nearest hair saloon and dare to get those long locks chopped off. Instead get a really cool short haircut and flaunt it before the world to see. Short hairstyles or hair cuts can range from bob to very short pixie and have always been a rage among the fashion aficionados.
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Contrary to what many believe, there are a number of short hair cut styles one can choose from for oneself. The reason why short hair cuts are so popular is because they never go out of fashion and at the same time, are really easy to manage. However, make sure you pick one that will suit your face and personality while choosing a short hairstyle.
Benefits of Short Haircut Styles 
  • Short hair cut style can be worn in many ways. You can leave your hair open, gel it for a sleek look, tie it into pigtails or ponytails, crunch your hair, accessorize, etc.
  • Short haircuts are easy to maintain and demand least maintenance. They are an instant wear and perfect for people always on the go. 
  • Short hairstyles have always been in fashion. They also look glamorous and also tend to highlight your lovely facial features. 
Short Hairstyle Ideas
  • If you are the exploratory kind of a person always craving to experiment with new stuff, then go for any funky haircut style for short hairs. Check out the pixie style, which is cut quite short. Don junk jewelry and oodles of attitude with it to grab eyeballs. 
  • One can also opt for a short crop or choppy shag. A viable alternative is the spiked haircut that may seem like the hair has been very erratically cut. This look is very carefully planned. Spikes give body to the hair. As such, it’s apt for women who wish to flaunt a sexy haircut, but have thin and limp hair. 
  • If you want a tame looking short haircut style, then bob cut will work best for you. Though it generally looks stunning on oval and square faces, those with a very round face can also wear this haircut if they keep the length of their hair slightly longer. 
  • The feather cut is another beautiful short hairstyle. In this, the hair is cut into layers, highlighted and styled with a brush. It’s almost a no maintenance hairstyle.

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