Our lips tend to turn dark black due to various reasons like smoking, exposure to sun, consuming excess caffeine, etc. However, you can adhere to some remedies to get rid of black lips.

How To Get Rid Of Black Lips

Black lips often tend to cast a sad reflection on one’s shoddy lifestyle despite having been blessed with a flawless skin and figure. While having naturally dark colored lips from birth is absolutely fine, researches state that there are a number of reasons behind why the lips of a lot of fair and medium complexioned people turn black or start turning dark black after a certain point of time.
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Here Are a Few Major Reasons Why Lips Turn Black
  • Using lipstick and other lip products of cheap brands
  • Exposure to sun
  • Heavy application of lipstick
  • Excess drinking of tea or coffee
  • Smoking (This is the most important and the commonest reason)
  • Allergy
  • Dryness 
Remedies / Treatments for Dark Black Lips
Pink is the original color of the lips most of us were born with. However with the passage of time and lack of proper care, they often tend to lose their natural tone and slowly turn dark. Since pink lips are a major indicator of good health, people adhere to a number of remedies or treatments to get rid of dark lips. Here are some you too can follow:  
  • You can use your toothbrush simply to exfoliate the dead skin cells off your lips. But remember to use them gently to avoid hurting your delicate lips. Apply a thin coat of a good lip balm after this. Incase your lips are chapped too, then stick to the same remedy, but with the toothbrush coated with Vaseline this time.  
  • Massage your lips gently with a good lip balm every night. Also make sure that you drink at least eight glasses of water every day. During daytime, use lip balm with at SPF 15 or higher to protect them against glaring sun rays. Follow this routine religiously every day.  
  • Try using concealer on your dark lips before wearing your favorite lipstick. For better outcome, use a lip liner to outline your lips and then fill them up with lipstick or lip gloss. Always go for best brands as far as cosmetics are concerned.  
  • Incase you have noticed that your lips have started to turn dark after you have begun using a lip balm or lipstick from a mediocre brand, discontinue use immediately. Consult a dermatologist for repairing the damage undergone.  

Maintain a healthy diet and have lots of fruits and green vegetables. At the same time, avoid consuming caffeine and smoking totally if you don’t want your lips to turn dark. Try working out at least thrice a week to keep a good health.

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