To get plumper lips, you can either resort to medical options or go for makeup techniques. With this article, you will get tips on how to get fuller lips, through both the ways.

How To Get Fuller Lips

There are a very few people in this world who have not been fascinated by Victoria’s famous pout or Angelina’s sexy lips. Certainly, beautiful lips can instantly increase the oomph factor of a woman and put them into the category of gorgeous damsels. No wonder, lip-job is one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures in this world. Lips, if plump and beautiful, can really accentuate the facial structures of a woman. So, who can blame anyone for wanting to have plump lips? Making your lips plumper and fuller is not a hard nut to crack, if you know the right procedure for the same. With this article, you will get all the information on how to get fuller lips.
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Ways To Get Plumper Lips
Medical Options
The medical options are for women wanting to enhance and enlarge their lips on a permanent basis and are ready to splurge on it. However, before opting out for surgery, you must know that these procedures are costly, painful, and may need many sittings. However, they also guarantee a better result in long term and women with naturally thin lips can opt for them. Medical option are also good for those women who have lost the fullness of their lips with age. Some of the best surgical options are as follows:
It is the process of injecting bovine collagen into the lips, providing instant result. However, it lasts only for few months and may need many sittings. There is a slight chance of infections too.
Autologous Fat
In this case, fat in inserted into the lips of a person, from his/ her other body part. The chances of rejection from the body are, thus, very low. However, the fat gets dissolved eventually and the effect last for few months only and may need many sittings.
This is calcium-based microsphere filler providing immediate and extended results. However, it is costlier as compared to collagen-based injections and is not a much-recommended option.
Gore-Tex Soft Form
It’s one of the popular implants opted by women today, which uses micro pores that has a high rate of tolerance. It helps the lips make fuller and removes the fine lines too.
Laser Lip Rejuvenation
This is a more permanent procedure and can provide a lifting effect to the lips. It not only provides plumpness to the lips, but also makes a person appears younger and thus, is a very good anti-aging procedure too.
Make Up Option
This option is best for those women who want to have plump and fuller lips, but dread the clinical process. With the help of make up, you can easily get the appearance of gorgeous lips. Here are some easy ways to get plump and beautiful pouts, without any injections or surgery.
  • Take a clean toothbrush and in small circular motion, gently brush it on your lips. It will remove the dead cells and increase the circulation of blood, thus giving the appearance of plumpness.
  • After you brush your lips, take a small amount of an exfoilator and rub it on the lips. It will further enhance the plump appearance. Always use a gentle exfoliator and massage in a circular direction, without forgetting to concentrate on the ridges.
  • After washing the exfoliator off your lips, apply concealer on upper and lower lip and around the ridges. This will fill the creases and will make your lips look larger. After applying the concealer, apply loose powder or foundation on your lips. It should be the same color as other parts of your body.
  • With the pencil of your natural lip tone, gently line the lips a little outside the lip line and along the bottom lip. With the help of a brush, apply lipstick from the centre, outwards. Apply lip-gloss to only the centre of the upper and lower lips. And voila! You are ready to pout your ways to sexiness.

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