Is curling your hair without the use of curlers possible? Yes, it is. Read on to find out how you can curl your hair without curlers.

How To Curl Your Hair Without Curlers

t’s not always possible to carry the curling iron or curlers wherever you go. Now, does that mean that you will have to stop looking gorgeous? No, it doesn't! Even if you do not have curlers handy, you can still look ravishing with your wavy curls. All you have to do is to follow the steps listed below. You will get very natural and very beautiful curls, without the help of curling irons or curlers. Wait no more! Go through the following lines and get tips on how to curl your hair without curlers.
Curling Your Hair Without Curlers
Supplies Needed 
  • Hair Brush
  • Curl-enhancing Mousse
  • Rat-tail Comb (for dividing hair into sections)
  • Shower Cap
  • Sticks
  • Hair Gel
  • Bobby Pins 
  • The first thing you have to do is to wet your hair. Wetting hair means making the moisture reach every strand and not dampening it so much that it starts dripping. Brush your hair to remove the tangles. Then apply a curl enhancing mousse. Now, you can follow any of the following methods, to get curls without curlers.
  • Divide your hair into thin sections and braid each one of them tightly. Tie the end of every braid and then apply some hair spray. Make sure that the end is tightly bound. Wear a shower cap or a panty hose on your head and sleep in it. Next morning, apply a little hair spray again on all the braids and then gently open them. Comb your hair with your fingers and you will be left with beautiful natural curls.
  • If you don’t know how to braid properly or find it difficult to braid so many sections, then this method will work for you. Take a stick and spray some hair gel on it. Then take thin section of your hair and wrap it on the stick in zigzag manner. Keep on doing it until all your hair is finely wrapped around the sticks. Put a little hair spray on each stick and bind it with so that it doesn’t get lose. Sleep in it and take out the sticks in the morning. Make sure that you don’t hurt the hair strands. Apply a little curl enhancer mousse to your tresses and you’re ready to flaunt your curled hair.
  • For short mane, it’s difficult to braid or even put on sticks. However, it’s not true that girls with short tresses can’t be enhanced with curls. All you need is a dozen or so bobby pins. Divide the hair finely into thin layers and then twist it around itself and fasten it with two bobby pins on each side. Keep on doing it until all the stands get fastened. Gently add a little gel and put on a shower cap or panty hose on your head. Before removing it in the morning, spray little hair gel and your tresses will get all wavy and curly.
  • You can even put your hair in fine knots and apply gel on each one of them. Keep the knots unopened overnight, for good results. Make sure the knots are not too messy or it will be too difficult to remove the tangles. Even rags could be used in the same way as bobby pins and these are better to sleep in. 
  • Remember, you need to keep hair curled more time if you want curls for two, three days. However, if you want curls for a couple of hours, then two to three hours would be more than enough for you. The time for which you keep the hair bound will also depend on the kind of curls you want. You can curl your hair in tight curls, wavy beachy curls and long curls.

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