The best & easiest way to curl long hair would be to make use of hot sticks. Through this article, we will provide your instructions on how to curl long hair easily.

How To Curl Long Hair

There is a very old saying 'the grass is always greener on the other side'. There is no place where the sayings suits better than hairstyles. The girls born with silky, straight hair always pine for curls, while those who have curly hair are envious of the ones with poker straight locks. At one point of time in the past, girls had to make the best of their own hairstyles, leaving their wishes unfulfilled. However, with the innovations in technology, it is possible for straight hair to develop curls and vice versa, for period ranging from one day to one year. In the following lines, we provide information on how to curl long hair for a short duration of time.
Best & Easiest Way To Curl Long Hair
Supplies Needed 
  • Hot Sticks
  • Styling Products, including hairspray
  • Brush or Comb 
  • First of all, you need to plug in the hot sticks for around 2-3 minutes, to get them heated up.
  • Using a brush or comb, remove all the tangles from your hair and ensure that it is smooth.
  • The size of the section of your hair that you need to curl at a time will depend upon the size of curl you want.
  • For tighter and shorter curls, curl smaller amounts of hair at a time. In case you want long and loose curls, take larger (thicker) strands.
  • Take out a hot stick. Start separating a section of your hair, from the front of the scalp towards the back.
  • Take the strands of hair and wrap their ends around the hot stick. Now, roll it upward, towards your head.
  • Let the sticks stay in your hair for sometime.
  • Gradually unwrap your hair from the sticks and leave them untouched for another 10-15 minutes.
  • Use the above steps to cover all the sections of your hair and enjoy a curled up hairstyle.
  • Make sure to use a little hairspray after you are done with your hair. It will help the curls stay longer.

If your hair doesn't curl well, it is advisable to use some gel beforehand. Put a small amount of gel in your hands and run it through your hair. Let the hair for 5 minutes and then start curling.

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