Do you want to know about the latest eye makeup styles? Go through the article and the eye makeup trends that are making a rage these days.

Eye Makeup Trends

Eyes can communicate even those feelings that the lips cannot say! So, why not add some more drama and suspense to them? Wondering what this is all about? Eye make-up is a great way to enhance the appearance of a woman, making her look stupendous and dazzling. There are many eye make-up designs and variations that women can sport today. However, it is only a few trends that have managed to become big style statements and show no signs of fading away, sooner or later. In the following lines, we have listed information to help you explore the latest eye makeup trends.
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Latest Eye Makeup Styles
Natural Look
If you want to give a subtle effect to your eyes, natural style would be your best bet. Amongst all the eye makeup variants, natural style has been the most popular and perpetual. To get this style, apply a neutral shade of eye shadow from the inside of the eyelid, sweeping the brush towards the outside. Then, follow the same process, from the eye crease up to the brow bone. Now, apply a light or neutral mascara to make the eyes look vibrant yet elegant.   
The natural eye makeup style can be tailored to seasonal changes. While in summers, peach, coral and light pink colors would be the best struck deal, the fall can be dealt with berry or jewel tones. In winters, chocolate would be perfect choice and pastels can be experimented in spring time. However, remember that if you want to look natural, you should apply only a thin layer of the eye shadow. A thick layer would make it look too obvious.
Bright Blues
Blue has made a major comeback in the world of makeup. A color of the 80s, all the variants of blue, be it the electric blue or the subtle sky blue, are joining the eye makeup bandwagon in bold and interesting ways. Match the shade of blue to the dress you are wearing. Apply it in such a way that it is visible, but not overdone. Otherwise, you might end up making yourself look like a clown. If you are sporting bold eye make up, you need to go for toned down lips and cheekbones. This would give a radiant and balanced look to your face. 
Metallic Effect
Metallic colors have found their way into the gleaming world of fashion as well. Right from shoes, handbag and accessories to eye make-up, they are everywhere. To give your eyes a metallic effect, choose a shade of bronze, gold or silver. You can either pick a shimmering eye shadow or go for something that gives a subtle or matte effect. Blend these colors well on the eyelids, working your way from the inside to the outside and till the brow bone. Add to this, a thin black liner, for the upper as well as lower lashes. Remember, for metallic look, nude lips work the best. However, if your lips are too dry, you can apply a little bit of natural gloss.
Smoky Eyes
Looking for that dramatic, sexy look? Smoky eyes can never go out of fashion. Black, brown, violet and grey are the colors that would guarantee a perfect smoky effect to your eyes. Choose a color that would suit you the best and corner your eyes with a tone of that eye shadow. Apply a bit of eye shadow to the bottom of the eye as well and smudge it, to get the smoky effect. Apply two coats of thickening mascara for a more dramatic look. Complement your face with a glossy tone of lip shade and subtle cheek makeup. Now, you are all set to radiate that mysterious look!

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