Buying tuxedos will require you to make a choice from amongst the different styles and options. Go through this article and get tips on how to buy a tuxedo.

How To Buy A Tuxedo

Have you been invited to a formal party in the near future? Is it a black tie event (which requires you to wear a tuxedo)? Assuming it is, you must be heading to the market, with the aim of buying a tuxedo in your mind! Wait a minute! Are you aware of the different styles and options, in terms of shirt, trousers and jacket, that you will come across, while doing the shopping? No? Don't worry! Help is at hand. Go through the tips provided in the following lines and know how to buy a tuxedo for yourself.
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Tuxedo Buying Guide
  • There are two options in terms of the collar, while buying a tuxedo shirt. You can either go for a wing collar or a turndown collar. While the former will have a stiff, clean front, the latter will get you a soft, pleated front.
  • After you have selected the collar, check out the front bib construction of the shirt. It should be such that the bib can be kept securely beneath the waistband, at all times.
  • Finally, look into the length of the front bib section of the shirt. It should not extend past your suspenders. If it does, you will have to look for another one, to go with your tuxedo. 
  • The selection of your tuxedo trousers will depend upon the type of dinner jacket that you have in mind. In case of tailcoats, trousers with two stripes go well. For all other dinner jackets, you should go for trousers with a single stripe.
  • You will be wearing a tailcoat or cummerbund with the tuxedo. So, it is advisable to check the height of the trousers. Remember, its waist should be high enough to be completely covered by the tailcoat or cummerbund.
  • Finally, it is the time to choose the pockets of the trousers. Vertical pockets work the best with the tuxedo, as they look much more dressier than the others. 
  • While buying the jacket for your tuxedo, you first need to keep in the mind the fabric that it is made of. The more lightweight the tuxedo fabric, the better it will be for you.
  • While choosing the colors for your tuxedo, it is advisable to stick to basic black or deep, midnight blue. You should go for light-colored, off-white dinner jackets only in the summer months or warm climates.
  • Now, comes the tuxedo style. For selecting it, you will have to keep in mind the kind of party you will be attending. While double and single breasted dinner jackets suit any and every occasion, you should keep black tie and tails for the most formal parties only.
  • In terms of lapels for formal dinner jackets, there are two options before you - shawl or peak. Go for one that flatters your face and build. For instance, shawl lapels de-emphasize a round face. In case you want to look slimmer, go for jackets without vents. 
Some Tips 
  • It is always advisable to go for lightweight tuxedo fabrics. This is because most of the formal affairs are held indoors and will not require you to keep warm through clothes. At the same, lightweight fabrics help keep you cool while dancing.
  • While wearing the tuxedo, remember that a single-breasted dinner jacket is left open and requires a cummerbund. On the other hand, double-breasted jackets are worn buttoned when standing.

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