A low cut blouse can look either stylish and chic or just tacky and in bad taste. So, here’s a complete guide to wearing low cut blouses so that it always looks appropriate.

Guide To Wearing Low Cut Blouse

Some consider it fashionable, others opine that modesty is a forgotten virtue with low cut blouses. Well there is no denying that there will forever be two schools of thought when it comes to wearing low cut blouses. There are certain negative connotations attached to it. Wearing low cut blouses is not always considered in good light especially not in front of children. However, there is nothing wrong in wearing a plunging neckline so long as you know the right time, place, and proportions. Otherwise, you may be sending off the wrong message and have to fend off too much unwanted attention. Consequently you may end up looking too tacky or look like one trying to get too much attention. Then again, a suitably worn deep blouse can also give you an aura of sophistication and class. A plunging neckline that displays a peek of the cleavage leaves a lot to imagination and can add some real sex appeal to your outfit. Spectators should be able to see the top of your cleavage but not most of your bust or any part of your bra especially if you are wearing a push up one to enhance your cleavage and bust line. Hence, the key is to wear it appropriately and be aware of how much is too much. Read on to know how to wear low cut blouse.
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How To Wear Low Cut Blouse
Here are some of the ways to wear a revealing low cut blouse and show off your cleavage in a classy way while maintaining a sense of balance:
  • Pull off your low cut blouse in confidence and elegant style without raking a controversy by wearing a thin chain with it to break up the amount of flesh that is exposed. It is preferable if the pendant at the bottom of the chain comes to rest on the base of the neckline.
  • There is no need to cringe at the prospect of the risqué involved in wearing a low cut blouse. Flaunt your assets in the classy way. The key is to keep your bottoms modest if your blouse is low and revealing because your blouse is the attention getter of the whole outfit. Do not wear pants, tights, or skirts that are too tight or cut too low. Micro minis are a definite no no.
  • The right type of cut and material is vitally important. A combination of elegant material and flattering cut can put the focus on your overall look and give you a sensual feminine touch. Choose material and cuts that would accentuate your looks and leave the rest to the onlooker’s imagination.
  • Although many would say wearing a deep neck to the office is a strict no no, however, there are ways in which plunging neckline can be added to a professional look. Wearing a deep-necked blouse with a simple or a lace-embellished camisole underneath will give it a layered look, making it decorous.
  • An artfully drape scarf around your neck will not only accessorize but also add sufficient sophisticated cover to your plunging neckline.
  • Wear some jewelry like beads or pearls etc. either, short or in layers to draw some attention away from your plunging neckline.
  • If the blouse is low cut than, it should not be of sheer material. Too much revealing will take away the classy look and make you seem tacky and craving for too much attention. So, when your cleavage is on display play safe with thicker materials, which gives an illusion of more coverage.
  • Wearing low necks without enough support is definitely bad taste. So make sure you are wearing the right bra with it and also make certain that no part of it is peeking above your blouse. Look yourself up in the mirror several times before you step out of home.
  • Finally, it is important to feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. If you are not confident, it’ll show in the expression of your face and you’ll not be able to carry it off in style.

Low cut blouses have definitely come a long way to obtain the status of an avatar in sync with the current fashion trends. So, if you want to flaunt your assets you can undeniably indulge in a dramatic neckline, just follow the simple guidelines and you’ll never go wrong. Flaunt it in a refined manner and you’ll always be a style winner.

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