Wearing a skirt in winters can make you look feminine, when you mostly look over-wrapped and out of shape. Explore the article to find useful tips on how to wear a skirt in the winter.

How To Wear A Skirt In The Winter

A skirt is one of the most feminine dresses and the best part is that it never goes out of fashion. You can wear skirts and even shorts in winter, provided your legs are kept warm. You can simply freeze in winters without the support of proper protection. The covering options are also to be exercised very carefully, as even the most gorgeous legs can look plump and out of shape, for the lack of the right kind of stockings or covering material. Equally important is to choose the right length of skirt, depending upon the intensity of the weather. Read the article to find some valuable tips on how to wear a skirt the in winter and sport that feminine and dainty look even in the frigid weather.
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Wearing A Skirt In Winters 
  • The first step is to pick a skirt or dress of your choice that you intend to wear in winters. Go for a long skirt, if the weather is very cold. The warmest for cold weather are long jean skirts and knit or wool skirts.
  • The next step is to find something that you can wear under the skirt. Armor, stockings or knee-high socks can be easily worn under a long skirt. Thick woolen stockings can be worn under a three-quarters length skirt. You can take a look in the pantyhose section of your local department store to find thick knitted stockings. However, beige stockings are going to be your best bet, as they look good under almost everything.
  • Layer your undergarments to protect yourself against the chilling weather. ‘Invisible pantyhose, with layer knee-high socks over it, can be worn when you are feeling very cold. This will help you keep warm when you step out.
  • If you have sweat pants of three quarters length, you can also wear them under a long skirt. Layer invisible pantyhose under the sweat pants for extra warmth. The invisible pantyhose can also be layered under knee socks, with the sweat pants layered on the top, under the skirt. In case you are wearing a short skirt or a tunic dress, a pair of skinny jeans or tights can be worn under it.
  • The next step is to decide upon your shoes. Knee high boots or ugg boots and similar looking boots look stylish with a skirt. However, if it’s not icy cold, you can wear flats as well. Stilettos and big heels are to be avoided in the winter season. Safety factor should be considered while choosing boots with long skirts, as there is always a chance to trip down with the wrong boots.
  • Choose the type of top that you will couple with your skirt. A long sleeved shirt will look nice and it can be teamed with a matching jacket or blazer. After you have decided on everything, wear your options and flaunt your feminine self in winters!

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