Wondering how to wear long pearls? Here’s the long and short of elegant style tips on what to do with a long pearl strand.

How To Wear Long Pearls

The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens. This elegant piece of jewellery can be actually worn in so many more ways than have ever been thought of by fashionistas till date. From the casual to the dressy formal, or gracefully feminine to the party rocker, they are a must have for any women’s wardrobe. Earlier pearl jewellery was a symbol of royalty. It symbolized a regal and a lavish lifestyle. This was so because during those times the only way of sourcing pearls was manually searching the deep bosom of the seas. In fact, in Asian countries keeping pearl or pearl jewellery by commoners was considered a grave crime. But now times have changed. With the introduction of cultured pearls, the tradition of pearl jewellery has changed. Now with modern techniques, owning a pearl has become affordable for any woman. However, the query remains the same on how to wear pearls and when there are long pearls, it’s a different ball game altogether. Knowing how to wear pearls is as important as owning them. If you happen to own a long strand, this article is just for you. You can create multiple looks with the same necklace. Read on to know the style tips on how to wear long pearls. 
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Tips On Wearing Long Pearls
With a little bit of imagination, it is easy to find flattering ways to show off your pearl necklace and at the same time bask in oodles of compliments. Here are some tastefully artistic ways to wrap your long pearl strand.
  • Take your sense of style to the limit and mix and match different pearl colors to create an ultra striking look.
  • Achieve an even more dramatic look by creating layers of necklaces in different colors and shapes.
  • Flaunt your collarbone by wrapping up three or more strands on the middle of the neck. This will incredibly compliment your off-shoulder or V-necked dress.
  • Construct a multi-strand effect by simply draping the necklace around your neck several times in different lengths to give yourself a sassy look.
  • Couple long pearl necklaces with other types of contrasting necklaces like glass beads, natural wooden necklaces etc.This will give you a very urban and chic look.
  • You can also wear a chocker or a princess length accessory to draw attention to the length of your pearl necklace.
  • To create a stylish and sophisticated look just tie a casual knot mid way through your long pearl necklace.
  • For a more modern and chic look sling two rows of pearls slung over one shoulder.
  • If you are wearing a backless the best way to spice up and draw attention to your back is by tying a knot at the back of the neck and letting the free part hang loose over your alluring nude back.
  • For a vintage look, tie the pearl strand in a knot just at the neckline or near the bust to create the opera look.
  • Wrap your pearl necklace several times around your wrist for a chic and bold bracelet. Secure the loose ends with a brooch for a funky or edgy look. 
  • Mixing and matching strands of various lengths will create the ultra cosmopolitan look. And as the strands mingle with each other while you walk it’ll give you one of the classiest statement making looks.
  • Pair the types of pearls you're wearing for a subtle appearance. Choose contrasting types of pearls for a more eclectic look.
  • Invite attention to your shapely waist by simply draping a string of long pearls around your waist and securing the loose ends by looping them and tying a lariat knot.
  • For a very different and feisty look, the pearls can be worn around the neck and attached at the wrists.
  • You may also wrap your long strand of pearl in two layers one shorter than the other and add a very ultra-modern look to it by tying a lariat knot on one side of the shorter strand.

So what are you waiting for? Get gorgeous and wear flirtatious looks by experimenting with your long pearl strand. And remember creativity coupled with compatible matches is the key to exceptional looks.

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