A neckerchief is an accessory worn around a neck with the ends either tied or clasped. Given here are the steps to tie a neckerchief.

How To Tie Neckerchief

A celebrity wearing a neckerchief is not a new trend nor does it look to be seasonal attire. Neckerchiefs are a hot accessory as they do away with the discomfort of wearing ties. It is, as a fashion accessory, excellent for daily casual wear. Celebrities like Posh Spice and Katie Holmes have been seen flaunting  the neckerchiefs on various occasions. The Sun recently published, an article describing the various knot techniques and speculating on which celebrity is sporting a particular style. Keanu Reeves and Queen Latifah looked cool in their neckerchief in a photo published recently. Neckerchiefs are the triangular scarves worn by sailors while on the ship and by scouts along with their uniforms. It is basically an accessory that is worn around the neck and looks like a handkerchief that is draped like a tie. Neckerchief can be worn with a variety of shirts, and looks great on a shirt without a collar but it can also be simply tucked under the collar. Although it comes in many variations and styles, this mode of neckwear is as simple as a scarf and as intricate as an exclusively designed necktie with a “woggle" holding it in place. Read the article on how to tie a neckerchief. 
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How To Wear A Neckerchief
  • Take a handkerchief with pretty colors and patterns, and spread it out flat on a smooth surface. Fold the square handkerchief in half, diagonally across, to form a triangle.
  • Next, roll the handkerchief from the top end of the triangle down towards the longer side. Tie the roll in the center by using a piece of thread or rubber band.
  • Place the rolled handkerchief around your neck, and cross the ends.
  • Bring one end behind the other, and then bring it up to the front by crossing the other end in the form of a knot.  
  • Ensure that both the ends are equal in length with each other. Cross the two ends again to form an ‘X’. Hold an opening with one finger and bring one end through the loop.
  • Tighten the knot and work on the handkerchief to smooth down the knot and level out both the ends. The result is that of a square knot.

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