Headbands make a great style statement and are also easy to sport. Go through the article, to know how to wear headbands in a proper way, so that you get the right look.

Proper Way To Wear Headbands

Hairstyles have the ability to change the appearance of a person completely. Sporting headbands is a great way to add style and grace to your look. From chic to retro, headbands are easy to wear and also give a classic style statement. One thing that makes them apart, and even preferable, from any other hairstyle or look is that they can be worn in all lengths of hair. The options for choosing a headband is also wide - apart from different colors, they are also available in different patterns, materials and width. In the following lines, we have provided a list of the proper way to wear headbands and look fashionable and elegant. Go through it and take your pick!
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How To Wear A Headband Properly 
  • The easiest way to wear a headband would be to slide it on the hair. To get a different look each time, in this simple style, change your parting or wear it with no parting at all.
  • Another stylish way would be to tie the top half of the hair with a clutch or a clip. If your hair is layered, let a few strands fall onto your face to frame it. Then, wear a thin headband on top.
  • For the dramatic look, tie the hair up so that it has some height. This might be done in the form of a ponytail or a high updo. Then, put the headband on, so that it’s very low and angled a bit forward.
  • If you want to sport a thick headband, the hair needs to be done high up. Pull the ponytail high with the headband in the middle of the head. Let a strand or two fall over your face.
  • A bun paired with a headband marks the latest style statement. Wrap the hair in a high bun and wear a headband. Make sure that the headband is a thin, with black being the ideal color.
  • If you have slightly curled hair, shape it in such a way that it gives a crown effect. Now, wear a headband with the front bangs slightly swept. This style looks very stylish as well as elegant.
  • Spice up the look with plaited as well as an updo hairstyle. Sport a head band with this to complete the look. Between the plait and the crown, a headband looks cute as well as sexy.
  • Part your hair to one side. Now, place the headband about 1 ½ inches back from your hairline. Not only would this give you a fresh look, but also bring across a sexy appeal.

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