Keep up before the fashion police gets you. Learn how to wear a scarf & accessorize perfectly. Read on to explore trendy & stylish ways to wear scarves and what you should & shouldn’t do with them.

How To Wear A Scarf

Have you watched the television reality show called ‘Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style’? The renowned fashion consultant Tim Gunn tracks down and arrests fashion-challenged people, much to their embarrassment. There are many such reality shows on television today, which catch people on the streets and give them a makeover. Fashion faux pas are always fun to watch and point fingers at, especially when it comes to celebrities. However, when the fashion police catches you red handed, you will have nothing left to hide your face in. Fashion trends are ever changing and you have to keep up with them, keeping your own personal style in mind. Following a trend blindly can lead to odd styles, which may not be appropriate for you.
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Let us take the instance of the short ads done by Rachael Ray for Dunkin Donuts, which roused a lot attention, internationally too. The cause for the stir was her scarf! According to conservative viewers, her scarf looked too similar to ‘keffiyeh’ - the traditional scarf worn by Arab men that off late, has become a symbol of Palestinian jihad. Such faux pas can prove to very disastrous. Talking about a scarf, it is one of the most important accessories today, which can either make or break your image. Traditionally, scarves have been worn on the neck, but they can also be wrapped around your head to keep your hair in place or on your waist as a belt or wrapped around your shoulder as a shawl. Provided ahead are a few tips on how to wear and drape a scarp to avoid embarrassment in the fashion sense:
Trendy & Stylish Ways To Wear Scarves
  • It is important to choose the right material, size, shape and color of scarf, based on the dress you are wearing and the style in which you will be draping the fashion accessory.
  • With a winter coat, you could use a fringed, long scarf made of wool, knit, blends or cashmere. A fresh and bright color will add a lot of life. It can be tied around your neck to give a good look.
  • To get that sophisticated look, wear mild colored, contrasting and light material based scarves.
  • For eveningwear, a pashmina shawl wrapped delicately around the shoulders is the best bet.
  • If you wish to add color and need warmth at the same time, try a bright colored, large sized scarf or shawl. Fling the scarf or shawl over each side of your shoulder. To keep it in place, you could use a brooch.
  • Do remember to use thin scarves with tops or jackets that snugly fit the body.  Combining a loose fitting shirt with a skinny scarf is not a good idea.
  • Select colors and textures that are contrasting, yet not glaring. An exact color match is boring and very unimaginative.
  • Oversized scarves and knots look quite repulsive and it is best to stick to everlasting styles, like a simple drape.
  • If you wish to wear a hat, wear a knitted or brimmed hat with a large scarf, so both the accessories blend with each other.
  • Scarves, whether worn by women or men, are a crucial part of everyone’s wardrobe. Nowadays, there are a variety of designs, sizes and styles to choose from. Remember to choose one that’s stylish, yet speaks about your personal style statement.

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