Do you wish to get an exotic, bronzed dusky look? Find out further how you can get a perfect and even tan.

How To Get An Even Tan

How many times have you caught yourself marveling at Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez in one of their sensuous music videos? Or found yourself gaping at Salma Hayek and Halle Berry, showing off their bronze, toned selves? Or even envying the muscular and sand blown physiques of Brad Pitt or Robbie Williams? It is almost everyone’s dream to get an exotic, dusky look and many people relentlessly try to get a perfect tan. You find them sun bathing on beaches, terraces, gardens, or even on yachts. Celebrities have personalized stylists who closely monitor the kind of tan and shade of tan for their respective clients. Since we are all not celebrities, we have to find ways to get a perfect and even tan in order emulate our star idols. If you are an outdoor person and have leisure time to spare, you could soak in the summer sun to get a perfect tan. While it is a natural way of tanning, it gives you an original and interesting look. Moreover, it is easy to get, economical and fun too. Otherwise you could choose indoor devices to get a ‘sunless’ tan, through a tanning bed, tanning spray or cream to tone down your skin to a beautiful, brownish shade. There are many instant and temporary tan products introduced in the market to cater to customers who prefer a quick and short-term solution. Read further to find out some of the ways in which you can get an even tan. 
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Ways To Get A Perfect Tan 
  • While tanning outdoors it is important, apply sunscreen twenty minutes before you leave. If you are entering the water, you need to apply another layer even though your lotion maybe waterproof, as water accelerates the tanning process.
  • Do not excessively tan yourself or use products like baby oil, which in fact burn your skin instead of tanning it. A daily dose of the relevant amount of the sun will help in getting a perfect, even, and healthy sun-kissed look.
  •  If you are using indoor devices such as horizontal tanning beds, vertical chambers or spray booths, choose ones with lowest ultra-violet (UV) radiation and more number of bulbs. This will help getting a darker tan faster therefore reducing the exposure.
  • To get an even tan you need to rotate at regular intervals in all angles to get the shade of the tan evenly. You begin with one position (whether it is lying down or standing) and after five minutes turn around either on your stomach or if you are standing to your back. After another five minutes, turn to the left and right in equal intervals. This rotational process is required to avoid getting a ‘zebra’ look.
  •  It is important to ensure that your skin in sufficiently moisturized with cream rich in Vitamin C or E in order to replenish natural oils in the skin which are lost during exposure to UV rays.
  • If you are trying to get a tan at home with a professional tanning spray, ensure it is only two or three shades darker that your natural skin tone in order to make it look more natural. Hold the can at least ten inches away from the body and apply in controlled and even strokes on every part of the body, pausing at the end of each stroke. This will ensure a relatively perfect tan.
  • It is important to know that over exposure whether naturally in the sun or in ‘sunless’ tanning indoors is harmful to the skin. You will not be able to sport a tan, as you will have to wait until the sunburn heals and your skin is ready for exposure again. Get a bronze look not a burnt look. 

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