It is difficult to select a ring for men, be it a wedding band or an everyday piece of adornment. Explore this article to know how to choose a ring for your man.

How To Choose A Ring For A Man

Men’s rings are gaining rapid popularity in today’s time. Gone are the days when only women were seen flaunting rings on their fingers. Now, even men can be seen sporting rings as a symbol of their committed relationship or as an everyday piece of adornment. Lately, there has been an increasing trend and demand for men’s rings in the modern society. A man’s ring should be classy, tasteful and moreover, suit his personality. It should be a piece that can be worn all the time, be it a special occasion or the workplace. You can gift a ring to your man as a symbol of your love or on occasions like engagement or wedding. Read on to know how to choose a ring for your man.
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Selecting The Perfect Men’s Ring 
  • Check out if it possible for your man to wear the ring on a regular basis. Be very careful while purchasing one, in case he makes more use of his hands at work. In this case, the ring should comprise of a plain metal band (such as gold or platinum), as gemstones and diamonds will not hold up well. In addition, some careers prohibit the use of rings due to safety reasons. So, you can give him a chain alongside, in which he can wear your gifted ring.
  • Choose a ring that is comfortable, as men tend to prefer their comfort to fashion. You should also remember to opt for a ring that will not cause any skin problems or irritation. Look for the ones with a comfort-fit band, as they are designed not to pinch the finger.
  • You can go for a ring that matches yours. This especially seems the best option when you are choosing a wedding band. Most jewelers keep wedding bands in pairs. In case you cannot find a ring matching yours, go for the same metal or color of the gemstone. You can also look for a ring with the same style.
  • Select a ring design that will reflect the personality of your man, instead of choosing the brightest or boldest one. Check the durability of the ring as well, since men prefer longer-lasting items.
  • Traditionally, the best metal for men’s rings is gold. However, this can be expensive and if your man is tough on jewelry, this might simply not work out well. You can opt for titanium rings in this case, as titanium is the strongest metal on earth and cheaper than gold. Gift a titanium ring if your partner loves to be on the cutting edge.
  • Another alternative is to purchase a ring with a pattern that incorporates two different metals, such as white and yellow gold. This can add character to even a plain band. The inside of the ring can also be of a color different from the outside one. Try out different colors of titanium for a daring look. Have black or blue metal accents for an eye-catching piece.
  • Personalize the ring by adding gems such as diamond. They are not meant only for women only; men too are flaunting them these days. Select stones that are bezel-set, as they will not catch on clothing and the ring will give a masculine appearance.

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