Removing a ring from a swollen finger requires the right tricks and some patience. Browse though this article and know how to remove ring from a swollen finger.

Removing A Ring From A Swollen Finger

Rings add to the beauty of hands, especially in case of women. In fact, a female hand without even a single ring seems to be somewhat imperfect. Though a ring looks extremely good, it might also create a problem at times, especially when it gets stuck on your finger. In most of the cases, the reason for a stuck ring comprises of a swollen finger, the result of weight gain, pregnancy or some problem. In such cases, most of the people rush to get the ring cut from a jeweler. Wait! Removing a ring from a swollen finger doesn’t always require an outside hand. With some patience and the right tricks, you can easily get a ring off your swollen ring. Want to know how? Read on…
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How to Remove Ring from a Swollen Finger
  • Take soap in your hands and wet it with water. Form lather and cover the swollen finger with it. Now, put your finger under warm water. Keep pulling on the ring, till the time it comes off.
  • Using a clingy plastic food wrap, envelop your finger from the ring up. Make the wrap as tight as possible. Now, grease the ring as well as swollen finger, below the clingy wrap, with moisturizing cream. Leave for a few minutes. Gently, pull the ring, along with the clingy wrap.
  • Take a window cleaner and spray it on the ring as well as the finger. Now, try to rotate the ring around the finger 1-2 times. Spray the cleaner on your finger again. Using gentle pressure, try to pull the ring off your finger.
  • Take cello tape and wrap some of it around your finger, just above the ring. Leave your finger like this for around half an hour. Hold your hand above your heart and ice it for a few minutes. Take off the tape and spray some window cleaner on your finger. Twist and pull the ring off the finger.
  • Wrap a piece of thick string down to the ring, starting from the top of your finger. The end of the string should be placed under the ring. Now, start pulling up the ring, while working up over the top of the string.
  • Take dental floss and wrap it around your finger, while making sure to slip one of its ends under the band of the ring. Starting from the bottom of the finger, loosen the floss. As you start unwinding it, you will notice the ring moving up your finger.
  • Cover the swollen finger with butter or cooking oil. Start twisting the ring around the finger. Apply some more butter or oil and gently pull it off your finger.

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