You have got your lip pierced and now concealing the lip ring from your acquaintances has become necessary. Read this article to know how you can hide a lip piercing.

How To Hide A Lip Piercing

Although lip piercing can certainly make a statement, not everyone will appreciate and approve that statement. There are many special occasions or family gatherings where it becomes necessary to hide your lip piercing. In this regard, clear rings and labrets should be avoided unless the existing piercing is completely healed. You can also use hidden clear acrylic lip retainers to disguise the piercing. However, you need to remember that you cannot make the lip piercing completely invisible. All you can do is hide it, while keeping the jewelry in, to prevent the hole from closing. Read through the following lines to explore tips on how to hide a lip piercing.
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Concealing A Lip Ring
  • While getting your lip pierced, ensure that you get a stud ring placed in. If possible, try to get your lip pierced when you can completely avoid others for at least two days.
  • Remove the lip ring and wear it inverted, so that the ball part will be on the inside and the flat part on the outside.
  • Purchase a skin colored marker and color the flat part of the metal. Color only the parts that are necessary to hide.
  • Cut off the adhesive part of a band-aid and apply it to the area of the piercing. This will keep the fibers of the gauze from getting stuck in the hole and prevent you from using the entire band-aid.
  • Constantly wear extravagant scarves and bandanas to draw attention away from the pierced area. Try covering it with your hand, while sitting at a desk, by resting your chin in your hand. You can also apply make-up and creams to hide the piercing.
  • The lip piercing will heal in a few weeks. Thereafter, you can put in a clear retainer that will hide your piercing.
  • Apart from clear retainers, you can also use clear tygon, bioflex or bioplast retainers. They too can help you in hiding your lip piercing.
  • Keep away from your parents and your boss as much as possible and avoid visual contact with them at the most.
Some Tips
  • Wear the piercing backwards for 2 weeks, as this will help the piercing heal faster.
  • Clean your piercing regularly, since it is all the more harder to hide an infection.
  • Do not use clear acrylic retainers immediately after the piercing. Doing so will not let the piercing heal properly.

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