Good skin is the sign of a healthy body and mind. Explore the article below to know more on how to get good skin.

How To Get Good Skin

A flawless complexion is the dream of every person. The importance of having a good skin can be gauged from the fact that, skin care products are a billion dollar market. Shelves are groaning with the weight of skincare products that promise everything from giving ageless skin, to removing every skin flaw. Skin is the largest organ of the body and it reflects the true condition of the body and mind. So, taking care of the skin is very necessary, not only to look good, but also for a healthy body. Most people don’t realize that getting good skin doesn’t require expensive treatment or cosmetics. The tools to develop healthy skin are all in the kitchen. Balanced diet, exercise and a stress free life are the three basic requisites. The skin must be allowed to ‘breathe’, so cleaning the skin is a must, to remove dead skin cells, and to open up the pores. In the article below are tips to help you get healthy skin. 
How To Get Healthy Skin 

Eating right is the secret for good skin. Almost all skin disorders result from a bad digestive system. Maintaining a proper balanced diet is the key to good digestion. Your diet should contain all the essential vitamins, proteins, and must be low in fats. Supplement your diet with lots of pulses, green vegetables, and salads. Intake of oily fishes, like salmon and tuna is highly beneficial for the skin. Use more of olive oil, than any other oils, in cooking. Eat more nuts, dried and whole fruits, cereals, and legumes. A diet rich in fiber results in good digestion, thus helping you get a healthy skin. 

Water is the best medicine in the world, not only for the skin but also for the entire body. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Water is the best-known detoxifier. It revs up the digestion and eliminates harmful toxins. Drinking plenty of water rejuvenates the cells and also increases the much needed moisture of the skin. Have at least eight glasses of water per day. 

Bust Your Stress
The psychological effect is more harmful for the skin. Stress is often called the ‘silent killer’. The effects of stress can be felt in the long run. The skin is perhaps the first to show the signs of a stressful lifestyle. Meditation, yoga, and aromatherapy are very effective stress busters. Body massage is also a good way to reduce stress, as are the breathing exercises. Sleep properly as rest is of outmost importance. Six to eight hours of sleep is a must as the body requires time to rejuvenate itself.

In a bowl, take a glass of boiled milk and add limejuice and a tablespoon of glycerin to it. Mix it well and keep it aside for half an hour. Apply the solution on your skin every night before going to bed. 

Watermelon juice is very effective in removing blemishes from the skin. Apply watermelon juice on the skin and leave it for ten minutes. Wash with warm water and then splash cold water. 

Almonds prevent wrinkles, blackheads, and dryness of skin. Make a paste using almonds, cream and rosebud paste. Apply regularly on the skin. 

Green Tea
Green tea boiled in water and taken at least twice a day is very beneficial for the skin. Green tea contains flavonoids and antioxidants, which protect the skin from ultra violet rays, wrinkles, and free radical chemicals. 

Purple Grapes
These have anti-aging properties and are also known to minimize the breakdown of collagen (provides elasticity to the skin). Purple grapes also repair tissue damage and slow muscle degradation.

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