How to choose the right jeans for yourself? Read about choosing and finding that perfect jeans for your body.

Finding Perfect Jeans

Finally, you get a day off from work! Your plans to go on that shopping spree are looking forward to be materialized. While you are all enthusiastic about spending a small fortune and buying a good collection for yourself, there is a teeny-weeny problem that has been worrying you wits at end. How to go about finding that perfect jeans for yourself?
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At some point of time in your life, you must have wished so badly that you find that right pair of jeans, which somehow fits like a dream on the mannequin but when it comes to a human, it doesn’t really remain a dream! Here’s where we come into the scene. Scroll down a little and you will discover some really useful tips about choosing the right kind of jeans for yourself.
Finding the Right Size
It all comes to this one small step. If you manage to find the perfect size, nothing like it! This requires some effort on your part, but at the end of it all, when you do find the right size, the effort is well paid off. So please don’t compromise and buy jeans just because, you have to buy it! Know your waist and hip size and ask the helpers at the store to help you find one, it will become easier. Don’t do the mistake of buying a smaller size than yours just because you think it will make you look slim. That is just an illusion and doesn’t really make you look slim, but makes you look stuffed!
The Right Cuts
The right kind of cut goes a long way to ensure that you have a good pair of comfortable jeans. To find this out, hold the jeans in front of you and just check the curve running from the thigh to the leg. If it’s too curvy, consider buying another pair. Also, try out the jeans before you buy it. Some cuts may look perfect, but may not really fit you. Jeans with the perfect cut should be comfortable at the thigh, not mold itself tightly. Try sitting and walking around in the store to ensure that the jeans don’t feel tight or too loose.
Choose the Right Brand / Store
You must have a small list of brands or stores that are known for selling the right kind of jeans. Ask your friends, colleagues at work and neighbors for ideas. It happens so many times that you see a friend sporting a really cool pair of denims and on enquiring, you come to know about a fabulous store that is just a few blocks away from your house. While shopping one fine day, you happen to pass by that store and to your surprise, you find that perfect pair you have been hunting for since the past two months.
Keep in mind that a good store may not necessarily be a reputed brand. There have been many instances where a decent store has a good collection of jeans and friendly attendees; while big branded stores though have a stylish collection, but nothing that really appeals to you. So check out if the brand is of more importance to you or the collection!
Age Appropriate Jeans
At 30, you really want to look as though you are 20, but let’s face it. Due to lack of exercise and a faulty diet regime, your body isn’t what it used to be. So, choose jeans that flatter your age and personality. Seriously, you wouldn’t want to get into skinny jeans and make you look like you trying too hard! So buy a decent pair that looks stylish enough for your age. You can always team it up with accessories like belts or even a stylish handbag that takes the attention off your jeans.
One for Two
When you succeed (at last!) in finding the perfect pair, I would suggest you buy two of them. You can buy two shades of the same size and cuts. One can be worn with heels and another, with flats. Else, one can be kept for lazy and casual weekends with friends, while the other can be for office wear. Of course, your workplace should allow casual wear for that. Don’t make the mistake of wearing your rugged and faded jeans to work!

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