Frayed jeans prove to be an all-time fashion statement for those who want to make heads turn. Explore the article to know some useful tips on how to make your own frayed jeans.

How To Fray Jeans

Frayed jeans, with threads raveled at the edges, are the best to flaunt a rugged appearance. The best part of that it will always remain among the hot fashion trends. For those who are making a first attempt to fray their jeans, it is advisable to use an old pair of jeans. Fraying is mostly done at the hemline or knees of the jeans, but you are at liberty to go a step ahead and fray other parts of jeans as well, for a super frayed look. Read the article to know some useful tips on how to fray your jeans and go for the carefree, cool dude/ babe look.
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How to Make Your Own Frayed Jeans
Things You'll Need 
  • Old Jeans
  • Scissors
  • Nail Filer
  • Wire Brush
  • Needle
  • Scale
  • Tailor's Chalk
  • Sandpaper 
  • Before you begin to work on fraying your jeans, wash and iron them properly. If you are about to fray a new pair of jeans, keep in mind that it will shrink after a wash.
  • The length of the jeans may vary after fraying and therefore, it is advisable to wear the jeans and mark the area you want to fray.
  • Place the jeans on a flat surface and draw a straight line on the jeans, using the scale. This will help you have an even cut.
  • To make fraying easier, cut off the hem of the jeans’ legs. Now, using a pair of scissors, cut the jeans till the marked line.
  • Pull some of the strands of jeans at the edges. Use needle to pull the strands and take care not to pull the strands out completely. You can also use a wire brush for this purpose. The edges may be uneven, but it doesn’t matter in frayed jeans.
  • Make use of a nail filer, knife or scissor to create a frayed look on your jeans. Rub any of them on your jeans repeatedly, till you get the desired look.
  • You can make holes or slits in other areas of the jeans and even rip jeans with the help of the needle.
  • In order to give an even more tattered look to your jeans, rub sandpaper around pockets, knees, hemlines and other areas of your denims. You can also bleach the jeans for a worn out look.
  • Finally, you need to wash your jeans to see the outcome or actual effects of fraying. If you find any extra long strands, use scissors to cut them to the desired length. You can fray your jeans again, if you want more. 
  • If you don’t want to give an artificially frayed look to your jeans, you can buy a pair that is a bit longer than your size, and drag them on the ground while you walk. As fraying begins, pick up at the hemline and help the fray along. It will take some time, but the jeans will appear originally frayed.

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