Do you want to give your jeans a cool and trendy worn out look to? Read the article for some easy tips on how to make your jeans look worn out.

How To Make Jeans Look Worn Out

Worn out jeans have always been and will continue to remain in vogue, especially amongst teenagers. Such is the craze for a 'worn out' look that to many people, their brand new pair of jeans looks somewhat drab and featureless. Giving a lived-in look to your jeans becomes important to make a funky fashion statement. However, it is not a child’s play to make your jeans look fashionably worn. Rather, you have to be careful to give a 'lived in' and not 'washed in' look. This article comes up with some very cool tips on how to make your jeans look worn out. Go through and try them to get that cool and much wanted look for your denims.
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How To Give Jeans A Worn Look
Use a Cheese Grater
You need to add wear at the right places on your jeans, to make them appear naturally worn out and not washed out because of some freaky experiment. Knees and leg bottoms are the most common areas for the wear to appear. Get yourself a handheld cheese grater, keeping these places in mind. Start scarping away at your pants. Stop after regular intervals, to check your progress. Take care that the scrape marks are not consistent, or they can spoil the look. The random the wear, the more naturally worn out your jeans will look.
Do Patchwork
Your jeans will never look perfectly worn out without the very essential patches. Add a hole or two in your jeans. This can be easily done on your own, even on a new pair of jeans. You can also add long tears across the knee of your jeans, to give it a worn look, or you can put a few small random holes in the front of your jeans and then patch them up. However, make sure that you don’t go overboard with the patchwork or you might end up ruining your new jeans in the process. Four or five patches in each of the legs would be enough to make your jeans look worn.
Use Rocks    
To make your jeans look naturally worn out, you can also use rocks. Find a rock with a sharp edge to it. Rub the sharp edge of the rock against the front side of your jeans, at the thigh and the knee area, to add some wear. Don’t leave the back side of the jeans completely untouched. Use rock on the back side as well, but remember, not to over do it. A metal kitchen scraper or a fork can also be used, if you don’t have a rock. Anything with sharp or rough edges can be used to give the worn out look to your jeans as well.
Bleach With Strong Detergents
This is yet another easy way to add a lived-in or used look to your jeans. You can wash you jeans with chemically strong detergents, to give them a slightly faded appearance, which is just so vital for a worn out look. It would be even better if you wash the jeans unevenly, so that the faded look comes in parts and does not cover the whole of it. 

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