Are you in search of the right pair of jeans to suit your figure, but have failed to find one? Do not fear. Go through this article to know the different types of jeans and find one for yourself.

Types Of Jeans

Whether it is sporting a casual look at home with a singlet on with your jeans, or changing into a fancier top to hit the market, jeans have become our partner in crime and glory. One of the most versatile pieces of clothing ever invented, jeans have been worn by many people across the globe. With numerous types of jeans available, it is difficult to find the right one for yourself. You have designer jeans, colored jeans, jeans short, boot cut, skinny jeans, the list continues. When chosen smartly and rightly, jeans can make you look slimmer and sexier. However, an incorrect choice can give you a tasteless, sloppy and ugly appearance. Thus, depending upon your body type, you can find different types of jeans. The variety allows every individual to sport a perfect pair of jeans and enhance his/her personality. Given here is a collection of the various kinds of jeans.
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Different Kinds Of Jeans
Baggy Jeans
Comfortable and loose fitting, baggy jeans are best meant for tall men with a good built. Conversely, they give a wide look to short and heavy men; thus, they should best avoid wearing them. Further, baggy pants should be restricted to wearing only at home or at casual get-together. Do not sport a pair of baggy jeans on a formal event, lest you want to make a mockery of yourself?
Loose Fit Jeans
Similar to baggy jeans, loose fit jeans are a category that fit somewhere between baggy jeans and tight fit jeans. Since they are loose-fitting, short people should keep them at bay; else they will only end up looking shorter than their height. Loose fit jeans forward a casual and laid-back look. So, best avoid such jeans when you are off for an interview or an important meeting.
Bootcut Jeans Flare Cut Jeans
Synonymous to their name, bootcut jeans are worn with boots. These jeans are characterized by a tighter fit around the thighs exuding a slimmer look to the wearer. However, the end of the jeans flares out to fit over the boots comfortably without bunching up. Many people confuse bootcut jeans with the flare cut counterparts. However, the two are different in terms of styling.
Bootcut jeans are slim at the thighs, tapering towards the knees. Flare cut jeans, on the other hand, though similar to bootcut jeans in appearance, open up right from the knees as opposed to bootcuts that flare after the knees. Generally worn below the waist, flare cut jeans are well-fitted around the waist giving enough room around the ankles, resembling more like a bell-like shape at the hem.  
Straight Cut Jeans
People who have a consistent circumference of legs from hips down to the legs can bring out their figure with straight cut jeans. The bottom rims of these jeans do not open up, in fact, they are a little narrower at the bottom and ankle exuding a slim and straight look. Before you pick up a pair of straight cut jeans, make sure that your body is perfect for donning such a kind of jeans.
Skinny Jeans
These slim fit jeans taper towards the ends of the ankles and hence, look best on a perfectly shaped body, especially taller people and women with smaller hips. They are known by various names, such as tapered pants, carrot leg pants, ice-cream cone pants, old-school hood pants, and so on. They are best sported with knee high boots or high-heeled shoes exuding a sexier and bold look.

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