Everyone likes the tanned look, but for that perfect tan, there are certain things that you need to know. Go through this article for tips on tanning.

Tanning Tips

It’s almost impossible to satisfy the desires of man. It’s like trying to fill up a pit that has always been known to be bottomless. When it is hot, man wants cold, when its wet man wants dry, when its spicy man wants sweet, when its far man wants close, and the list goes on and on. Maybe these contrasting desires, in a way, contributed to the birth of the desire to look tanned. This can also help explain why almost everyone who is fair yearns to look just a wee bit darker. Tanning, however, is not an easy process, and this is because it really is extremely easy to go wrong with the whole affair. Take the time, and read on to find for yourself expert tips on getting that perfect tan. If you believe you are brave enough to cold shoulder any one of these tips, you will mostly be in for a nasty surprise.  
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Tips On Tanning
  • Before deciding to get a tan, make sure you know for sure what you are getting into. It will make no sense to get ‘all tanned’, and not be happy with the way you look. It is wise to be aware of your skin type, or the nature of your skin. Do you tan easily, do you like yourself better when tanned, do you really want to look tanned, are all questions you should be asking yourself before stepping out in the sun for a tan.
  • The worst time to step out in the sun for a tan begins at eleven in the morning, and ends at three in the afternoon. It’s the golden rule for getting that perfect tan, and has to be followed to the T, no two ways about it. You, after all want to look suntanned, not sun burnt!   
  • Choosing the right sunscreen is the next trickiest part of getting tanned. If you are very fair, then it is best to opt for a sunscreen with a high SPF level. And if you are not too fair then it is safe to go for a sunscreen with a low SPF level. The reason behind opting for sunscreens with different SPF levels revolves around the fact that light skin is more prone to sunburns, while dark skin is less prone to the same. Thus, if you are fair and decide to zero in on a sunscreen with a high SPF level, you are only minimizing your chances of getting sun burnt.
  • When rubbing sunscreen lotion onto your skin, make it a point to ensure that your elbows, ankles and back of your knees are not left ‘uncovered’. Most people tend to ‘screen’ only areas that they believe receive most exposure to the sun, an unwise move really.
  • To keep dehydration at bay, before stepping out in the sun, drink plenty of water.
  • Almost everyone who prefers the tanned look get into the habit of laying in the sun for hours on end hardly realizing the damage it can cause to the skin. It is advisable not to lie in the sun for more than half an hour at a stretch. For breaks between sunbathing, you can either move to the shade or enjoy a quick swim.
  • When out in the sun, protect your hair by wearing a large hat and your eyes by wearing sunglasses that are fortified with UV protection. You may not think it necessary to do so, but it absolutely is as the UV rays from the sun can cause irreparable damage to the eyes and hair.
  • For a lasting tan, once out of the sun, treat your skin to a rich moisturizing lotion. Apply the lotion onto your skin just like you did the sunscreen.

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