Tanning is the new fashion rage. Read on to know the tanning bed safety tips.

Tanning Bed Safety Tips

Fashion is fickle and things go “in” and “out” with every fashion fall and summer collection. However, one thing is here to stay and that is tanning. Even with all the hullabaloo over its perilous effects, tanning is popular among the fashion divas and divos. Celebrities like Paris Hilton and Hugh Grant are flaunting their tanned bodies and everyone is going gaga over them. Therefore, when tanning is so popular in tinsel town, the masses are sure to follow. Admit it. It’s hard to resist the temptation of gorgeous glowing sun-kissed look and at some point or other, we will try tanning too. In addition, when you have to tan, why not do it safely? Although safety and tanning may seem like contradictory terms, tanning can be made relatively safer with some safety tips. Explore the following pointers to know tanning bed safety tips to make tanning a happy experience for you.
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Safety Tips For Tanning Bed
  • If you plan to get tanned at home, invest in a good quality tanning bed. Research online and take feedbacks from forum. If you are visiting a salon for tanning, then make sure that the bed they use is good and hygienic.
  • Getting tanned in a salon is a good option especially if you are doing it for the first time. However hopping into the first salon in sight is not good. Before you decide to get tanned, check for the salon’s reputation from online forums and by asking from your friends who have used this service.
  • Don’t undermine the importance of the tanning lotion as it will decide how much UVA and UVB rays reaches your skin. If not used properly it can make your skin age prematurely. Use a hydrating tanning lotion from a good brand specifically made for the purpose.
  • Check whether the tanning safety advice notes is in full view in a tanning salon.
  • Don’t give in to the temptation for staying late in the tanning bed for extra tan. It may burn your skin and can create many other skin problems. The maximum exposure time in the tanning, bed is twenty minutes. Don’t exceed the limit in any case.
  • Wear eye goggles for eye safety. Never in any case enter a tanning bed without goggles or cotton balls for the eyes.
  • Check the wattage, which the salon uses for tanning beds. There are generally two kinds of wattage used for tanning bed, high output (HO) and very high output (VHO). The bed with high output is a cheaper option.
  • Before you plan to tan, ask your physician especially if you are in any kind of medication.
  • If your salon allows nude tanning and you prefer it to avoid tan lines, and then make sure that you allow your unexposed body parts to tan slowly.
  • Never get a tan if you are pregnant or are nursing a baby. It may be hazardous to your baby’s health.
  • Know your skin type before you opt for tanning. You may be able to get a healthy tan after you know what skin type you belong to and how many tan sittings you may require for best tan.
  • You need to build your tan slowly with time. In any case, tan only once a week and not before that. 

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