Boutonnière is an elegant floral adornment worn by men on formal occasions. Explore the article given below to know how to make a Boutonnière.

How To Make A Boutonniere


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A male equivalent to corsages, boutonniere is a floral adornment worn by men, which is usually the collection of a single bud or flower or an assortment of one or two small flowers. The word boutonniere arose from French word, which means buttonhole. Most boutonnieres are scaled down and understated in nature and feature a single flower, mostly carnation, roses or gardenia or calla lily accompanied by greenery such as leaves or sprigs. The colors of boutonniere are generally white or red but sometimes can be coordinated with the color of the dress like a blue cornflower for a blue suit. It is worn with tuxedo or a suit and is pinned to the left lapel of the tuxedo or suit covering the heart of the wearer. This nosegay is generally worn at weddings by all the men participating at the wedding especially by groom and the groomsmen, at prom and other such formal events. It can be worn on a trip to opera or to a dinner to a high-end restaurants etc. However, the purpose of the boutonniere is to be seen and admire but not to call attention to itself. Boutonniere provides elegance to any occasion. Although the boutonniere is available in silk flowers too, it doesn’t hold the attraction and appeal of fresh flowers.
Steps For Making A Boutonniere
  • Choose the flower for the occasion. Carnation and roses are very common choices for boutonniere. These flowers would be available at all the florists. Remember to use baby breath and greenery too for your boutonnière.
  • Remove all the leaves from the stems and by using a scissors, cut the stem of the flower to a length of just about three inches.
  • Now with the help of greenery and the baby’s breath, make a bed for the flower. You can also use the leaves for that. However, make sure that the bed doesn’t exceed further than the top of the flower and should be seen from the sides.
  • Hold the flowers and the greenery together and hold them in a diamond fashion. Now with the help of a green floral tape bind them properly without leaving any part of the stem. The entire stem should be covered with the tape.
  • Now using a ¼ inches of a satin ribbon of the color of your choice preferably the color complementing the flowers of the boutonnière, the ribbon color could even match the tuxedo or the suit, tie a bow at the bottom.
  • Now spray hairspray on the finished boutonnière and keep it in the refrigerator until you are ready to wear it.

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