Having a good pair is enough to up your glam quotient. Explore this article to know how to choose sunglasses.

How To Choose Sunglasses

Are you jealous of Paris Hilton, Jennifer Anniston, or Angelina Jolie because they just look so damn hot that nobody else has a chance? Well although you cannot curb the jealously completely you can up your glam-quotient by donning just one pair. No, it is not Prada’s evening wear, it is your very unassuming sunglasses. Sunglasses have the power to make you look hot even in your sweatshirt. So instead of competing with the celebrities, you can turn yourself into one with the help of sunglasses. Although the fickle fashion changes every season and with it changes the style of sunglass in vogue. However, the variety of sunglasses is diverse and no pair actually completely goes out of style. Moreover, sunglasses are available in wide range and price, making them affordable for one and all. Now, do you have an excuse to buy one for you? However, before you start scouring the souk, explore these pointers to know what things you should keep in your mind before you choose sunglasses.
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Tips For Choosing Sunglasses 
  • The first and foremost thing, which you have to keep in mind, is that UV protection is a must for the sunglasses. It is always good to go for branded pairs, and check the ones, which have a rating of hundred percent in UVA and UVB protection.
  • Instead of going with the fad, go for comfort and preferences. The glasses should be very comfortable and should give total protection from sunrays.
  • When you are buying a pair, take someone along with you. It will help you choose the pair better and faster. Also, try out as many pairs as you can before narrowing on your choice.
  • Although they are in vogue, huge sized sunglasses doesn’t suit everybody especially small faced people. Always choose sunglasses according to your face type.
  • The glasses should filter the blue light as it is supposed to damage the retina. Also go for a polarized pair which helps in reducing the glare. Green tinted glasses are a good option as it helps in filtering the blue light and also reduces the glare.
  • If you are a sportsperson then go for a rose-tinted sunglasses as they give better contrast for objects viewed against blue and green background.
  • If you have triangular facial features then aviator sunglasses would be the best option for you.
  • It may be a known fact that every type of sunglasses fits well on an oval features. So if you are blessed with oval face then lucky you!
  • If you have a square face then never in any case go for square shaped sunglasses as it will just emphasize your facial structures.
  • Wide framed rectangular shaped sunglasses are good option for people with round face. Again, don’t wear round sunglasses as it will just accentuate the roundness.
  • If you are a little chubby on the cheeks then get a thick frame for your sunglasses and also opt for darker lenses.
  • If you are wide chinned with small forehead then the best option for you would be wide and dark frames. The broader the horizontal size the better the sunglasses would look on you.
  • Although the black frames are the most popular choice make sure it doesn’t contrast with your skin tone too much before you opt for one.
  • Cat-style sunglasses look perfect for the heart-shaped facial structure. So if you have been refraining from buying one till now, it is your time to buy one. Frames in metallic with rimless bottom and bright colors would also be a good option for you if you don’t dig the cat-style too much.
  • The best choices for a diamond shaped face would be an oval or slightly curved sunglasses. However, go for slender shaped sunglasses.
  • In addition, polycarbonate (PC) is the most common choice for the lens material as they are lightweight and durable.
  • Square shaped or round sunglasses will look good on you if you have an oblong facial structure.
  • Your sunglasses must have comfortable nosepiece, shouldn’t look slander, and should always match your skin tone. The rims should also not graze the sides of your face.

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