Buying a wig would not only solve all your hair issues, but also enhance your self esteem by miles. Go through this article to get some effective tips on how to buy a wig.

How To Buy A Wig

Going bald may be the hair style mantra for many fashionistas today, but people from the old school of thought still prefer it otherwise. Whether it is losing hair due to old age, chemotherapy or hereditary reasons, today hair loss is no more an issue, as we have wigs to sort out the problem instantly. In case you are also suffering from drastic hair loss and want to gain back your old self, get a wig. Wigs are available in various types, styles and colors, more often enhancing your look much more than your real hair. However, before buying a wig, there are a lot of considerations you need to make. In the following lines, we have provided tips on how to buy a wig.
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Buying A Wig
Consult Your Hairstylist
Before plunging into the store and getting a wig for yourself, you first need to consult your hair stylist. One who is experienced in working with wigs would be an ideal person to check with. Ask him/her about the style and shape that are prevalent in wigs. The wig's scalp and the hairline are important factors that you should confirm; lest you end up flaunting a bad hairline that is an instant giveaway. In case you are going for a custom-made wig, make sure you given in your measurements. In case you are opting for a mass-produced one, ensure to get it cut and styled, after it's delivered.
Choose Between Synthetic Wig & Human Hair Wig
Depending upon the amount of money you are willing to shell out, there are various options for wigs available - right from the type of wig to its length and its make. Talking about the type of wigs, while synthetic wigs are affordable and easy to style, human hair wigs, though extremely costly, look just like your own hair would. Synthetic hair wigs are also not much durable and frizz more. On the other hand, human hair wigs can look the most natural, since hair is injected through the base, one at a time.
Synthetic wigs come in two varieties - while the first type has a style molded into it, the second can be reset into different styles. Though with the latter, you can change your look from time to time, the down side is that you have to restyle your hair every time you wash it.Human hair wigs are mostly available with three types of hair, namely Asian, Indonesian and European. While Asian hair is the most common and affordable, Indonesian is a little finer, mid-grade hair and European is the finest one. As such their prices also vary, with European human hair wigs being the most steeply priced.
Consider Wig Construction
The construction is one of the most important aspects to look into, at the time of picking a wig. You might spend a lot of money on the human hair wig, but if it is not properly made, all the money that you have spent on it would be nothing less than a waste. Remember, a good synthetic hairpiece is better than a badly made real one. Wigs are mostly constructed in three types - custom made, hand-made and machine-made.
Machine made wigs are the least expensive and look just like the real ones, until parted wrongly. On the other hand, hand-made wigs look extremely natural, as individual strands are knotted on to a skullcap, rather than wefts of hair being sewn together. Yet another type is the custom-made wigs. Though absolutely identical to real hair, it takes a long time to make and cannot be an ideal choice for those who are looking for instant solutions.
Keep The Style In Mind
Once all the above considerations have been made, it is the time to look to think about style and fashion statement that you would like to portray. It's all a matter of few adjustments and your wig would look as natural as your hair. You can use curls, bangs or wisps of hair to cover the hairline and help your wig look natural. Remember, you would require make up and other aids to make the hair blend into your skin.
Select The Color
Gone are the days when black, brown and blond dominated the color of the hair. It’s the new age and the next gen is all set to flaunt the sexy red to the classic burgundy or the trendy mahogany. Make sure that the wig you chose matches your own hair color or is, at least, within the range of your natural shade or lighter.
Decide On The Accessories
Do not think that after buying a wig, your job ends. Instead, herein starts a new hair care regimen, as you would need a whole list of must-haves, to maintain the look of your wig. Talking about the wig care, you would require a stand to place the wig on, when you would not be wearing it; a wire wig brush, hair nets, pins to hold the wig in place while brushing, low alcohol or wig hair spray and even a special shampoo and conditioner.

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