Choosing the right hairbrush plays an important role in determining the health of your hair. Go through the article, to get valuable tips on how to choose the right hair brush.

How To Choose The Right Hairbrush

Are you tired of buying expensive hair care products? Does your hair still look the same (rough and unruly)?  If yes, then you must surely be distressed by now. However, sit back and relax as we provide you with an easy solution (which is pocket-friendly as well). As per research, most women blow a lot of money on costly shampoos, conditioners, serum and hair packs; however, the problem still persists. Though underrated, did you know hair brush is an important element of complete hair care treatment? A right hair brush can do wonders to your hair and change the complete look of your being. A good brush not only makes you look well-groomed, but also distributes the oils, making your hair shine and sparkle. Cheap but an efficient investment, choosing a right hairbrush can go a long way in achieving the desired look.  In the following lines, we have provided effective tips on how to choose the right hairbrush.
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Tips For Choosing The Right Hairbrush
The Three Factors
Type Of Brushes 
  • For those who have medium to long-sized hair that isn't too thick, cushion brush is the answer. Such type of hairbrush usually has a soft cushion base and bristles that is often carved on one side. Apart from smoothening and straightening the hair, it massages the scalp as well.
  • Paddle brush is ideal for those who have medium to long voluminous hair. The flat base, coupled with small to medium bristles, straightens the hair as well as massages the scalp.
  • The purpose of usage also determines the kind of brush that should be used. For instance, styling the hair would require you to use styling brush. This is mainly because such brushes usually have close set bristles that sets the hair, thereby giving them a proper shape and a polished look.
  • Thermal brushes work fine, when you are using a blow-dryer. Depending on the length of your hair, you can select the size of the brush, right from jumbo and large to medium and small. While the smaller ones create curls, the longer ones are usually used for straightening the hair.
  • In case you have long hair that is not voluminous, vent brush would be a good pick. This type of brushes has holes in the base, allowing air to circulate. Vent brush smoothly detangles the hair, leaving it voluminous. 
Shape of Brushes 
  • One of the most popular shapes of hair brushes is the half round one. Available in different sizes, they are used for every type of styling and blow drying. The best feature about brush is that it can be used on both wet and dry hair.
  • Oval shaped hair brushes style the hair. Their shape allows them to penetrate into the scalp, thereby acting as a massager as well.
  • If you want light to heavy curls, round-shaped hair brushes would be the best bet. While the smaller barrels add tighter curls, the larger ones give them natural delicate curls. However, remember, the probability of entanglement runs high in round brushes, so use them occasionally. 
Type Of Bristles 
  • Though frequently used, metal bristles damage the hair causing unnecessary incessant hair fall. Restrict their use to wigs, as you wouldn't mind losing one or two artificial hair!
  • By far the best, natural boar bristles cause less friction and are therefore less damaging than synthetic bristles. Apart from brushing your hair delicately, they would also distribute the sebum, keeping the hair shiny and healthy.
  • Synthetic bristles are pocket friendly and are good replacement of the natural ones. They massage the scalp, stimulating the oil release. However, be cautious of the stiff bristle ones as they might damage your hair.

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