Our choice of colors reveals our inner personality. Find out how to choose the best colored clothes for your wardrobe.

How To Choose Right Color Clothes

Each one of us has one or the other favorite color. Many a wardrobe consist of clothing of one or two main colors but in different variations and shades. For this reason you will find such wardrobes to be dull, boring and lifeless. Our choice of colors reveals our inner personality. It at times can speak volumes about a particular person. It is therefore imperative that you understand color. It is comparatively simple to create a wardrobe where every piece of clothing will make you look your best and bind in well with each other. It can be exceptionally satisfying and, once you recognize which colors suit you, you can start to add in others and still look good. Here is a list that can help you pick the right colored clothes that will complement you. So read on to know more on how you can go about choosing the best colored clothes.
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Tips In Choosing Right Colored Clothes

Whenever you choose a yellow colored shirt or top, make sure that it is always accompanied by a darker colored pant or skirt. Colors like black, grey and navy blue complement yellow very well. For instance, men can use light yellow as a supporting color in shirts or ties. Women on the other hand should avoid bold yellow outfits. They can however use yellow colored scarves or part of pattern in sweaters which will have an elevating effect on their outward look.

For women soft shades of pink are a great choice for tops, dresses and scarves. Men on the other hand can wear pink in small spells. For instance, a shirt in pink stripes or checks with a white tie will be ideal. It is nonetheless important to remember that pink shirts are best worn on less conventional occasions.
Orange for women is best worn only if it tends to complement skin tone. Orange normally goes well with powerful colors such as navy blue, grey, and on occasions, black. Light peach which is a variant of orange can on the other hand make women look young and fresh. Men on the other hand have always had a problem with the color orange. It is best kept aside as a background color in a tie, shirt or handkerchief.
This is probably the liveliest and bounciest of colors for men. It is known to be the color of the initiator. Red ties are thought to be power ties. For the fairer sex, red is a brilliant pick for coats, blouses, and dresses. However, it is usually too brawny a color for a suit.
This is an especially stylish and commanding color when coupled with grey. In fact, men will find that burgundy ties offer the richest look with tan, navy and grey suits.
Women can take the liberty of selecting dresses, blouses or suits in shades of violet, mauve or purple. However, this color is best kept to the top half. Men on the other hand, ought to limit their use of purple to decorative shirts and ties.
Green for men is best suited for business wear. Green patterned ties suit men well. Women on the other hand should be careful not to use this color too much. Bright green in small spells is okay. Lighter shades of the same color are best avoided as they can look pretty cheap.
The color blue is the one color that is indisputably accepted and liked universally by both the sexes. Most people look good in blue as long as it isn’t too loud and dark. It is therefore important to find the right shade and hue. Blue with its different variants of light blue and medium toned blue normally suit most people and is safe to choose.
White is an all time color and is ideal for t-shirts and formal shirts. They go best with darker colored pants. It is best for men to use white colored shoes for unofficial occasions. Never should white be used for belts or purses.  When coming to women, white suits can be worn during the day during summer months. Men on the other hand should only use them for out of business hours.
Tan or Khaki

Khakis or tans are probably the best color for the rainy season, especially for men. It is important however, to choose the right shades of these colors as it does not complement all skin tones.

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