Looking for some tips for designing your own clothes? Go through the article and to know all about how to design or create clothes.

How To Design Clothes

Want to do something different? How about designing your own clothes? Well, don’t be surprised. Designing clothes can solve dual purpose - not only would it keep you busy, but would also let the world see your artistic talent. All you need to have is a sketch book, some stationery and a creative and imaginative mind. Imagine what effect it would have on people when they come to know that you are wearing a self-designed dress! Feels good, doesn't it! Apart from giving a boost to your confidence, it would also bring admiration from people. In the following lines, we have provided some tips that will help you in designing your own clothes.
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How To Design Clothes 
  • The first attempt towards designing clothes would be to get a sketchbook. Start by drawing a body or mannequin which serves as a host to the clothes you design.
  • Now, draw clothes on the mannequin. Once you are able to transfer the designs, which were in your mind, on paper, it's time to get a little colorful. Add colors and prints to the sketched clothes.
  • When the dress is done, move to the hair styling and accessories. This would give a complete look to your fashion statement and also add to the overall effect of the dress.     
  • If you are making the dress for yourself, get your measurements done. You can either go to the tailor or tell someone to do it while you are directing. However, if you are designing the dress for someone else, you will have to take the measurements.
  • The next step would be to get the appropriate fabric for the dress. Every design demands a particular kind of material. When you are picking a particular material, know its texture, durability, mold ability and pattern as well. Also, make sure you get the fabric according to the measurements.  
  • While buying fabric for a dress, it is advisable to get a little more than what you desire, as you will need some amount for margin as well. Remember, if you fall short of fabric, you might not get the same piece in your next visit. So, it is better to get extra amount, than less. 
  • It is now the time to turn the design into reality. Start sewing the dress you have designed. If you cannot do it by yourself, appoint a tailor who would do it for you.
  • If you are employing a tailor, instruct him well. Make sure he is clear about what you want as the end result. Try to be around when he is stitching the dress, so you can erase any point of doubt or confusion.
  • Give a trial to the dress. Look for any flaws and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Your self-designed dress is ready to be flaunted to the world!

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