Hairstyles for teenage girls have undergone a lot of variation over the passing years. In this article, we have given some of the most popular haircut styles for a teen girl.

Haircuts For Teenage Girls

Teenage girls often get excited about trying out new things. Be it grooming products, dresses, makeup or even the hairstyle, most of the young girls want to be updated with the latest trend or at least sport the most stylish look. To serve the varying needs of teenagers, hair stylists are coming up with a variety of ideas. Over the years, a number of variations have been brought to conventional hairstyles, like bobs and straight cut. When our teenage princesses look at their idols like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, etc. they want to copy everything in the hope of looking exactly like them. These girls try to inculcate the same fashion sense, stand in queues to get the same latest branded shoes like these teen celebrities, wear same shade of lipsticks, carry the same hairstyle as these celebs, etc. Teenage is the time when young girls start to pay more attention to their looks and these celebs become the most accessible form of inspiration for them. Therefore Miley’s razor cut bob and Selena Gomez’s long and soft waves gets coveted by teenage girls. There are so many other types of hairstyle that teenage girls can carry that they do not have to follow the trend set by celebs. They can start their own trend and get a hairstyle that goes well with their personalities. The ‘Disney-damsel’ teenager can improvise her own waves in the hair or get a Cinderella-like ballerina bob and the ‘punk-chick’ teenager can get a razor sharp pixie cut––there is so much to choose from. Here in this article we have put together some of the popular teenage hairstyles. Get your inspiration from here.
Hairstyles For A Teen Girl
The Pixie Cut
Teenage girls love to wear the pixie-cut look. This short hairstyle is perfect for a funky look. A number of layers can bring a dramatic appearance to this cut. Even though it is cropped very short, the haircut style is versatile. The cut is hassle free to maintain and can uplift your personality instantaneously. Look at what it did for Miley Cyrus and Rihanna’s image! From feminine beauties these girls were turned into sexy divas overnight. You can keep it short or super short, it is up to you. You can even color a few strands to jazz it up a little. Keep the bangs in the front if you want to keep it girly. In order to maintain the eye-catching appearance of the haircut, shampoo and condition your hair. Towel-dry it and apply a mild hair gel or styling wax. Get it trimmed every 6-8 weeks to get rid of the rough edges from time to time.
Bob has been in vogue since ages. Short angled bob is in the latest trend for teenagers. Although bob is adaptable to all facial shapes, the haircut looks best on round faces. Use razor at the ends of the hair locks. Straight tresses will look sleek and make your face appear thinner, if you have chubby cheeks. After shampooing & conditioning, apply a dab of straightening balm to towel-dried hair. You can also have a lob haircut, which is like a bob with the length of the hair symmetrical throughout.
Layered Haircut
For teenagers with long hair, a layered haircut will look cool. Apart from being very stylish, layers tend to add volume to hair. Moreover, the haircut frames the face well and helps highlight the prominent facial features. You may increase the number of layers, depending upon your facial structure. Make sure that the top layers are short, with flicks. Color your hair completely or highlight the strands.
Shag Haircut
This haircut is typically short and layered. You will find more layers at the crown of the head than below. This haircut can be modified according to the hair type and facial features. If you are blessed with natural curls, this haircut will look great! You can also create curls with rollers. After removing the curlers, arrange the locks as you desire, with the help of your fingers. Tie bobby pins and you are done with your hairstyle! This hairdo is easy to manage and looks great!
Ballerina Buns

These buns are mostly comes in the category of the decent looking hairstyles. These buns look as graceful on a teen as on a grownup female. Although because these buns look exquisite, you might believe that it is very hard to get a ballerina bun right––the good news is that it is quite simple to style it. All you really got to do is make a simple ponytail wherever you want the bun to be on your head; make a high ponytail if you want to position it high on your head or keep it low if you want a low hanging bun. Smoothen out the ponytail carefully and twist it to wrap it around the base of the ponytail. This is the point where you must secure it with bobby pins or an elastic rubber band. If you do not want such a prim and proper one then you can create a messy ballerina bun by twisting the hair at the crown into a top knot. Ballerina buns are absolutely curly hair friendly. You do not have to straighten your hair to get it right. You can bedazzle your ballerina bun by putting a beautiful bow at the centre of your bun or using the bedazzled bobby pins.

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