Taking care of winter clothes is vital to increase their durability, so that they may be used for years in a row. Check out the article to know how to care for winter clothes.

How To Care For Winter Clothes

Come winter season and you will find yourself unpacking the bags to take out your woolens. In this process, if you find your sweaters, jackets and gloves ruined by the attack of pests and moths, you should not wonder why - the improper storage of the woolens has resulted in this. Hence, proper storage is the first step towards taking care of winter clothes. Along with that, the methods used to clean winter clothes also affect the life of the fabric. If you want to know more on how to care for winter clothes, go through the following lines.
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How To Care For Winter Clothes 
  • Proper storage is the key to safeguarding the fabric of woolens and keeping them fresh. During summers, when you pack your woolen clothes in suitcases, they may be subjected to moths and pests. Hence, before storing the woolen garments, either hand-wash them or get them dry-cleaned. This would eliminate the chances of attacks by harmful moths.
  • It is better to store your sweaters and coats in plastic bags, with some naphthalene balls inside them - this will prevent the attack of pests. If the sweaters are heavy, fold them instead of hanging in the closet. Always use cedar hangers to hang winter clothes in your cupboard, which is free from moisture.
  • Winter clothes should be washed strictly according to the instructions on the care tag. If it is said, “dry-clean only”, then you should not hand-wash the clothes at all. Always turn winter clothes inside out, while washing them. Do not use harsh detergents, as they may cause harm to the threading of the fabric.
  • Avoid drying your winter clothes, especially sweaters, in the dryer of your washing machine. Instead, roll them in heavy towels for five minutes and squeeze out the excess water.
  • After getting rid of the excess water, dry the winter clothes in shade. Turn them upside down, when they are under the shade. Do not dry them under direct sunlight, as it may fade the color of the fabric.
  • Woolen coats and jackets require gentle wash at the beginning and end of each winter season. Since dust and dirt particles can stick to such clothes, it is better to clean them every now and then.
  • Your scarves should be washed with hands at least once a month, during the winter season. In order to remove sweat, dirt and stains from gloves and mittens, hand-wash them in the beginning and the end of the winter season.
  • To keep the winter clothes smelling fresh and prevent the attack of pests, place scented moth balls in their storage bags. This will give them a fresh aroma, which will last until the next winter, when they are taken out of the bags.

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