Check out tips on how to keep your shoes smelling fresh.

How To Stop Your Shoes From Smelling

Shoes form an essential part of your attire. In fact, it is said that 'you can spot a gentleman by the shoes he wears'. Though most of us take care of the outward appearance of our shoes, very few look beyond it. Owing to the sweat glands on each foot, the feet tend to perspire too, due to which a strong odor is produced. Have you ever noticed that at times, your shoes smell the moment you take your feet out of them? Doesn't it seem embarrassing when you are forced to take out shoes in front of other people and end up being the source of bad smell? We are here to help you out of the problem. There are several ways by which you can get rid of that awful smell easily. In the following lines, we have provided some tips that will help you keep your shoes smelling good and fresh. You can neutralize the odor in the luxury of your own home with such ease. Check out the following useful tips.
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How To Stop Your Shoes From Smelling 
  • Sprinkle some talcum powder inside your shoes, immediately after you take them off.
  • Put some soda bicarb into your shoe and shake it around, down till the toes. Place the shoes in a plastic bag and keep inside the refrigerator for 1-2 hours.
  • Before you put on shoes in the morning, sprinkle some talcum powder on your feet.
  • Wash your feet thoroughly in the morning, especially the area in-between your toes.
  • Make sure that your feet are completely dry, before you put on shoes. Wet feet can lead to smelly shoes.
  • Change your socks at least once in a day. In case you are involved in an activity that leads to sweating, changing the socks more often is required.
  • Whenever you take a bath, don a fresh pair of socks. Wearing running socks will not only help to keep the shoes clean, but will also take in the sweat from the feet.
  • Wash you sports shoes once a week and always let the shoes dry completely, before you put them on.
  • Stick to shoes that are made from natural materials, as they allow your feet to breathe and let sweat dissipate easier.
  • Every few days, keep your shoes outside, in the sun. It will help get rid of any smell in them. Make sure to remove the laces and position the shoes correctly such that the shoes receive enough sunlight.
  • To remove the stench, you can place cedar chips or insoles inside the shoes. These have anti-fungal properties that will freshen-up the shoes and remove the smells. The insoles will need to be kept inside the shoes at night and removed the following morning.
  • A very easy way of avoiding shoes from smelling is by using silver shoe linings. Shoes containing silver linings can prevent smells caused by bacteria.
  • Odor-controlling insoles can also be used to avoid the shoes from smelling. These are available in several colors and can be altered to fit the shape of your shoe soles as well. To keep the soles in place, you can dab rubber cement or stick small strips of double-sided tape in the shoes.
  • A very effective way of getting rid of the smell in your shoes is by placing them in the freezer. Ensure to place each shoe in a plastic bag and leave them overnight in the freezer. Freezing temperatures will inhibit the growth of any odor-causing bacteria or fungus.
  • You can also neutralize the smell by placing dryer sheets in the shoes. Once you take off your shoes, immediately fill in the shoes with dryer sheets, so that the odor gets absorbed by the sheets. The next time you are about to wear the shoes, you will realize that the odor has gone.
  • Another easy way of removing odors from shoes is by applying an odor remover, which you can get from a pet store. The odor remover contains enzymes that will eradicate the odor.
  • Instead of wearing the same pair of shoes every day, you can wear different pair of shoes on alternate days.
  • A quick and easy way of avoiding shoe smells is by spraying deodorant on your feet. 
Smelly shoes are indeed a source of embarrassment for anyone. You can remove and prevent these smells effectively by just following any of the following tips given in this article. So get rid of the smells in your shoes by using these easy tips.

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