Are you confused about how to choose the right pair of walking shoes? This article enumerates various features walkers need to look out for whilst choosing the ideal walking shoes for themselves.

How to Choose Walking Shoes

For the comfort and safety of our feet, it is mandatory that the footwear we wear fits us properly. And this criterion is one very important aspect even incase of our walking shoes! Reason? While the immediate adverse outcome of wearing badly fitting shoes could be anything from sores to cramps, the long term effect could be much worse.
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But with so many well-known companies now manufacturing walking shoes especially suited for this purpose, choosing one good pair of walking shoes should not be a problem at all. The information below will surely prove helpful incase you are confused about how to choose the ideal walking shoes for yourself.
Features To Look Out For When Choosing a Good Pair of Walking Shoes
The soft spongy layer lying in between the outsole and the bottom of the shoe (inside) is where the cushion is fitted. And it is important that a walking shoe is nicely cushioned because it is this that bears maximum impact of your feet while you walk. To determine if the cushioning is adequate, wear the walking shoes you have chosen and walk around the store a little. Make sure that the base of the shoe feels comfortable.
Your walking shoes should bend quite easily and in tandem with your foot when you bend it while walking. Do check for this feature because some shoes feel uncomfortably firm and non-flexible during walking. And due to this, you have to unnecessarily exert yourself more when you walk. Very stiff shoes can cause foot pain and sores also.
Unlike sneakers in which you can easily push down the back portion of the shoes (around the heels) with a finger, the back portion of the walking shoes should be comfortably firm. This feature is important for the stability of the feet while walking. So better check out another pair of walking shoes if you can easily collapse the back of the walking shoes you have picked out.
Correct Fit
A good pair of walking shoes will neither be too tight nor loose. Ideally, there should be a thumb’s space vacant between the tip of the shoes from inside and your feet. A good fitting walking shoe will also not pinch the skin of your feet from any side when walking. Also make sure that your walking shoe does not slide when walking.  

Stay away from walking shoes that are all leather or flaunt a synthetic upper. Though these are easy to clean and maintain, they are a bad choice as far as walking shoes in concerned. The non-porous material of the shoe will not only turn your felt very warm during prolonged wearing, but could also give blisters. So look for those with mesh vents. Basically upon wearing, the shoe should make your feet feel light and airy.

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