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How To Make Shoes Last Longer

Brian Koslow said, ‘Always wear expensive shoes. People notice.’ You choice of shoes define you, your likes, and dislikes. The way you dress speaks a lot about your personality. If you wear unpolished shoes to a job interview then, it definitely speaks about your casual attitude towards things. Today, people spend a lot of money on buying expensive shoes. Stylish, branded, and attractive shoes have become a red-hot fashion statement! However, shoes are not just limited to being a fashion accessory. They also play a key role in protecting your feet and provide you with comfort that you need throughout the day. Shoes are prone to wearing out quickly simply because of the daily wear and tear they endure. So, it is important to ensure that your shoes are maintained properly to make them last long. Before those stylish shoes of yours deteriorate and start hurting, it’s worth spending some time in maintaining your shoes on which you spent big bucks. Here are tips, which will help you in maintaining your shoes for long. 
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Making Your Shoes Last Longer

  • To begin with, it’s always good to buy best quality shoes. This will guarantee that the material used in making shoes is durable and sustain for long with little care.
  • While driving, wear flat shoes instead of your high priced heels. This will avoid breaking your heels.
  • While walking don’t drag your feet, rather lift up your feet and walk. This will preserve the soles and heels of your shoes and make them last longer.
  • Cramming your shoes into a small closet on top of each other will surely destroy your shoes. If you wish that, your shoes keep looking new and last longer, then ensure that you have a lot of closet space to store your shoes. Purchasing under the bed shoe case or closet space for shoes will be a good idea. This will ensure long life to your shoes.
  • To keep your shoes in shape, stuff tissue papers inside your boots and shoes. As tissue papers are easily available and cheap, you can change them in few weeks to give long life to your shoes. However, use only white tissue papers as colored tissue paper can bleed dye onto your beautiful shoes.
  • Before wearing your shoes, ensure that your feet is clean and you are wearing clean socks.
  • Wearing same pair of shoes every day will wear out of your shoes easily. So, try to rotate you shoes. Let the shoes, air out at least for twenty-four hours.
  • After you have worn your shoes, with a clean cloth, wipe off the insides of your shoes. Similarly, wipe off the outside portion of your shoes and clean off anything that has stuck to your shoes during your walk.
  • For maintaining your leather shoes, you can use shoe polishes and creams. After polishing your shoes, always make sure to remove excess with a non-abrasive cloth. Mere polishing of your shoes can make your shoes look new!
  • If you have a pair of leather shoes, of which the heels are becoming worn out then it’s time to replace the heels. Replace the worn out heels with rubber heel caps, which will not only last longer but also make your walk much more comfortable.
  • To make your shoes last long, ensure that they don’t smell bad. Apply foot lotion before putting on your socks. Follow this daily, the sweet smell of foot lotion will go through your socks and stay in your shoes making them smell good.
  • After wearing shoes out in the rain, ensure that they dry out completely before you wear them again.  
  • Tie and untie your shoes, each time you put them on or take them off. This will prevent the upper part of the shoe from separating from the sole. 

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