Determining your skin tone can help you select the right cosmetics and clothing thereby enhancing your look. Read the article to get effective tips on how to determine your skin tone.

How To Determine Skin Tone

Selecting right colors based on your skin tone can add a much needed zing to your overall appearance and personality. While right cosmetics and clothing bring about a sparkle to your overall being and complexion, a wrong color can leave you dull and ashen, completely washing out your complexion. Hence, it is extremely essential to determine the right skin tone and select your colors accordingly. The skin tones help us to find the right makeup and the most flattering clothes that can complement our color and enhance our overall appearance. Skin tones fall into three different categories - warm, cool and neutral. Read the lines following to find tips for determining your right skin tone.
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Tips For Determining Your Skin Tone
Vein Test
Move your wrist towards natural light and look at the veins at the inside of your wrist. If the veins are greenish in color, this indicates that you have yellow undertones and hence, you have a warm skin tone. In case your veins appear bluish, you have blue undertones and your skin tone is cool.
Pony Tail Test
Secure all your hair back into a ponytail or use a headband to keep all your hair away from your face. Wash your face thoroughly and place a white towel or cloth around your neck and shoulders. In case your face looks yellow next to the white towel, you have a warm skin tone, but if it reflects a blue color, you have a cool skin tone.
Silver/ Gold Test
Place some gold and silver jewelry around your neck or wrist and see the effect it has on your skin. If you look better in silver jewelry, this clearly indicates that you have a cool skin tone. But if you carry off gold jewelry well, you have a warm skin tone.
Eye & Hair Color
Carefully observe the natural color of your eyes and hair. Usually people with cool skin tones have blue, green or grey eyes with blonde, brown or black hair. Also, cool skin tones have a pink or rosy undertone. People with brown, black or hazel eyes and black, brown blonde, red or strawberry blonde hair have a warm skin tone. Warm skin tones have a golden or apricot undertone.
Other Tips
  • After conducting the above tests, if you are unable to determine your skin type, you fall into the category of neutral skin tone. People with neutral skin tones can wear any color, as the tone can lean towards either warm or cool. While such people look nice and comfortable in warm colors, cool colors make them strikingly fabulous.
  • People with cool skin tones look best in jewel and true colors such as black, navy, red, shocking pink, rich raspberries, deep emerald green, royal blue, plums and pure black. They can also opt for icy tones for a lighter color. Colors to be avoided include beige, orange and gold.
  • In case your skin tone is warm, you will look best in earth tones that are crisp or muted. These colors include sage greens, gold, mochas, bronzes, yellow, brown, orange and cream. Try peach and apricot yellow for a softer look.

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