Rock hairstyle are amongst the most cool and confident hairstyles to sport. The article comes up with some amazing rock haircuts for men and women. Take your pick!

Rock Hairstyles

Who doesn’t like to rock it in style? Earlier, it was difficult to impeccably imitate a rock style and maintain it, though changes in the rock star image has made it easier for people to sport rock hairstyles with a cool attitude. These stylish and edgy haircuts have been in vogue since long and have never gone out of fashion. With a rock hairstyle, it’s easier for both men and women to make heads turn and take notice. However, these hairstyles are best carried by people who have the attitude and confidence to go with them. Below given are some amazing rock hairstyles for men and women. Follow the article to know your pick!
Rock Haircuts For Men & Women
For Women
Bedhead Style
The bedhead style is similar to a just-out-of-bed look. The bed look is very fashionable today, more so among the rock stars. To recreate this look, you have to work on hair that has been washed just a day before. Apply a texturizer to the roots of your hair. Spray hairspray on your hands and rub it to the ends of the hair, to achieve that slightly messy, yet super cool look.
Layered Bob
A layered bob haircut can give you the look of a punk rocker. Get your hair cut from a stylist, in a graduated bob style and give your hair layers that are flicked outwards. You can also get some bangs added, longer in size than the normal fringes. Coloring your hair or just your bangs will grant your hair a punk hairstyle look. Shades of red and blue will be the best option to color your bangs.
Rock Doll
The rock doll look is a popular look of the season and makes an amazing style statement. Get you hair cut in short layers by your stylist, as if they have been chopped off. In the front, the hair length has to be short, framing the face. The hair at the back can be slightly longer. Colors and streaks on your hair will give a shock factor to your hair, so you can try that. Run hair wax through your hair to make them look textured.
For Men
Messy Layers
For the messy layers look, you need to have slightly longer hair. Ask your stylist to give layers to your hair. This hairstyle can have individual interpretations, depending on what look you want to achieve. Once the hair is cut in layers, all you need to do is to wash it and blow dry to flaunt your rocking look.
Spiky &Short
Spiky and short look is perfect for those working professionals, who want to keep a haircut that can be occasionally fashioned to give a rock star-like appearance. When you want to show off your rock hairstyle, you can style the short hair to look messy and spiky. There are different types of spikes that you can try with this haircut, to suit the occasion.
Clipped Hair                    
The basic style of clipped hair look requires a cropped short haircut and a bit of long hair at the top. This hairstyle makes a bold and defiant statement and is one of the easiest rock hairstyles to imitate. In case you have long hair and you can’t style it well to suit your workplace, you may try this clipped hairstyle that can be manipulated to suit a professional setting.

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