Do beauty indulgences leave your pocket begging for more? Here are some easy money saving beauty tips to ensure that you stay stylish on a shoe-string budget. Explore seven fun & frugal beauty tips.

Money Saving Beauty Tips

Do beauty binges leave your wallet exhausted by the end of the month? You might wish to be responsible with your bucks but being a girl, it’s hard to resist! And when it comes to beauty, it’s almost impossible to yell a ‘no’. How about saving some extra bucks this month, without having to cut down on your beauty indulgences? Sounds impossible? Well, here are some quick tips to save some pennies without having to cramp your style. In this era of ‘muchness’, where more is always less, trying to stay chic all the time without burning a hole in your pocket can be quite a struggle. If you thought that beauty comes with a price tag, here’s a quick check on how you can binge on beauty without having to swipe your cards every off and on.  If your beauty indulgences have been straining your budget of late, take a dig at these money saving beauty tipsto go sexy on a shoe-string budget. Take a look.
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Inexpensive Beauty Tips 
  • You have to do it to believe it! Most often, we end up committing budget bloopers by impulsively picking up cosmetics and beauty products off the shelf. Well, you don’t always have to spend big to look good. Just replacing the exorbitantly tagged beauty products with some homemade beauty quick-fixes can ensure that you look gorgeous without spending high. Try using homemade scrubs instead of pricey, store-bought ones. You can try apple-cider vinegar for that glossy mane rather than expensive clarifying shampoos.
  • Refrain from spending on products like make-up remover, lip-gloss, frizz tamer and blemish healer that can be easily made by recycling your existing cosmetic collection. You can use your daily moisturizer as under eye cream, baby oil to remove all traces of beauty, Vaseline as lip-gloss and more. Just use your creativity and get those bucks in.
  • You will be surprised to see how some thoughtful handling of your beauty products and resisting your urge to indulge can do big favors for your pocket. Using every drop of your shampoo, oil, moisturizer and even perfumes will not only give you value for money, but will also curb your spending? Just scour the old bathroom shelves for any leftover moisturizer, shampoo and conditioner and use it. This way, you will be saving yourself from spending unnecessarily on the same products.
  • Do you often find yourself slathering coats of lip balm every now and then? Or are you into the habit of spraying perfume often, for an all time fresh feeling? Well, excessive use of products will not only empty your tubes and bottles, but will also leave your wallet famished. Using your creams, balms, deodorants, perfumes, face wipes as much as needed will help to save all the extra costs. Most women love to shampoo their hair every day. Try applying baby powder instead, for cleaner hair. Also buying soaps that lathers less, and create less waste will help you save too.
  • Budget is indeed a concern, but that doesn’t mean you have to tax our style to cash in maximum benefits. If you love a particular brand of shampoo that you simply can’t do without, but which comes expensive, you definitely don’t need to compromise on it. Just offset the cost by switching to a cheaper lip gloss or under-eye concealer and you are done.
  • Often, a little bit of brains together with your beauty can help you go a long way in your cost-cutting venture. Just try applying cinnamon oil on your lips, rather than collagen-filled injections to add fuller, bee-stung appeal to your pout. Similarly, you can use sesame oil to treat stretch marks, olive oil for rough skin and toothpaste to ward off blemishes.
  • Always buy your cosmetics in bulk and go for the biggest size available. They are cost friendly and will save you the hassle to head for the stores every off and on, to grab a shampoo or conditioner. This way, you will also save yourself from spending more on things every now and then.

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