Want some tips to look beautiful for college or a party? There are some basic beauty tips for teenagers which when followed religiously give out promising results. Check what those secrets are.

Beauty Tips For Teenagers

Are you a teenager feeling conscious about your looks? Or are you worked about the too many pimples that keep cropping up on your face? Don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place. Teenagers face these problems and worry about them so much that worry lines get formed on their faces, worsening the problem all the more. Hormonal changes are the chief reasons that cause these problems in teenagers, leading to ugly acne and pimples. And since looks become very important for children of this age, thanks to the magazines they read, any deviation from their ideal look brings about a major collapse in their level of self confidence. Result - teens resort to desperate means like cosmetics or even skin treatments to attain the ideal 'beauty' status. If you too are in a similar state, know that this desperation isn’t really required. There are many ways to enhance your beauty other than the cosmetic therapies. Staying happy is the chief amongst them. If you have this innate desire of looking presentable and better than all your friends, then some of the beauty secrets mentioned here might just do the trick.
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Beauty Secrets For Teens
General Care
  • For a fresh looking skin, remember three things - cleanse your face, tone and moisturize it every day, without fail.
  • Wash your hands and keep them clean at all times. If you have pimples, do not touch them at any cost or they might just scar your face, leaving you with stubborn blemishes and dark spots.
  • Always use sunscreen at least 15 minutes before you step out in the sun. Agreed, sun rays are good for the body as they provide necessary vitamins but the ultraviolet rays that comes along can cause more of a disaster than assistance.
  • Remember to oil your hair before washing and styling it. Don’t use too many chemicals on your hair. Use hair preserving serum even if you are going to style it.
  • Always remove the make up before you hit the bed. Making this a part of your regular beauty regimen is extremely important, as it would allow your skin to breathe during the night.
  • Use a deodorant before you leave the house to keep you fresh. You can also add some bath oils in your water to give it a specific fragrance.
Make Up
  • Don’t wear too much foundation over your acne or else it will look too bulky. Instead use concealers to lighten your skin tone up. If your acne is out of control, visit a dermatologist.
  • Avoid wearing any make up to school, except kohl, if you wish. If you are going to a party, you can play up your face a bit more with mascara, kohl, lip gloss and a little blush. Mascara should be waterproof, kohl can be black and lip gloss sheer or slightly pinkish depending on your skin color. A pinkish blush goes with most skin tones.
  • It is important for you to know that you either play up your eyes or lips, but never both. For your eyes, use one bright color over the lid and match this with similar shade of clothing. Eye shadow makes the eyes look too heavy though you could use some glitter on top of your eyes. Your lips can be slightly colored, depending on your skin tone. Luscious lips will best be shown in a sheer lip gloss. If using a color, keep lip balm handy to apply over chapped lips.
  • Teenagers love experimenting with different styles of clothing and this is absolutely fair. After all, when other than at this age are you supposed to be testing your fashion sense? But while experimenting, try to wear something you are comfortable in and not something that though makes you look stylish, feels uncomfortable. Make an individual style statement by printing or painting your favorite stuff on a plain white tee shirt.
  • You can wear different types of footwear. Heels, pumps, flats etc are all available in different colors. You can match them with your clothing. However, don’t make major fashion faux pas such as teaming a sunny floral dress with high boots on a summer evening. That definitely would be the end of your quest to look stylish and fashionable.
  • Natural hair is the best. Doing streaks and dyes may suit some people, but not everyone. Your hair loses its natural texture once a color is applied on it. So watch out for that!
  • Nail art is a major rage during teenage. Get that done, but avoid overdoing it because you might chip your nails while working on something. Do not wear bright colored polish to school. In fact, avoid nail paint completely when in school. You can try the same during your summer or winter breaks.For those who do not like nail art, keep your nails clean and apply a sheer polish or a vitamin booster.

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