Bid adieu to your beauty woes with these beauty basics tips and revel in your newfound glam status. Here are some essential tips on beauty basics just for you.

Basic Beauty Tips

Tired of your straw like strands, oil slicked skin and body zits? Now say buh-bye to these beauty bummers with essential beauty care and banish your woes for good. Before you start, remember that the tone and the tan do not necessarily come free, but that does not necessarily mean that you have to sweat out in some beauty salon to fix your frizz or cover the chapped lips. Beauty is an affordable luxury and the only price that you pay for it is religious care and pampering. So before you blow a bomb on beauty spas and salons, stream through these beauty basic tips and enjoy beautiful hair and skin right within the comforts of your parlor. Whether you need an oomphy hair like Jessica Alba, or a toned skin like Beyonce, adding a few essentials to your beauty kit can transform you from being a plain Jane to a glam doll in no time. Check out the following tips on beauty basics and enjoy a beautiful living.
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Essential Tips On Beauty Basics
Know Your Pulse
Looking for ways to spice up your looks and life? Just add some passion to your beauty basics and let your newfound fragrance do all the talking. Fragrance is a distinctive part of a woman’s personality and reveals a good deal about her taste and style. Whether you revel in the classy or chic fragrances, or find your high in delicious edible and gourmand scents, dabbing the right mist on your pulse points can transform you into a sophisticated perfumista. 

Pick Your Cream
One of the delicious ways to amplify up your beauty quotient is to pamper your booty with delectable creams, sweet-smelling lotions and yummy body smoothies. The cue is to hydrate your body with the goodness of natural oils, cream and milk. Grab your favorite jar of hydrating cream and slather it generously all over your skin for silky, smooth skin. You can whisk up your own fluffy smoothie using fresh coconut, milk, a scoop of unscented body cream and few drops of ultrasensual fruity oil and treat your skin to this luxurious smoothie for glowing, jaw-dropping skin. 

Paint Your Nail Red
Bid adieu to yellow, frayed talons and painful cuticles by indulging in weekly manicures to notch up your nails. Nails are an intrinsic part of every woman’s beauty and wellness and reveal volumes about her health and style. Pamper your nails with nail cream and file them once a week to keep your nails from growing into ugly claws. Hide your chipped nails behind the acrylic talons or paint them with exciting lacquers to save them from knapping, peeling and fraying. 

High-Heeled Solution
Love to wear stilettos, but fear to flaunt your footsies? Ugly cracks, trashed toes and athlete’s feet can nip you high-heeled ambition in the bud. Before you go around hiding your cracks behind ugly boots, know that daily pad care can leave your feet smiling with health. Just add some petroleum jelly, foot scrub, pumice stone or foot brush, foot spray and cotton socks to your beauty loot and walk away with beautiful feet. Generously slather petroleum jelly on your feet and tuck it inside cotton socks and wake up to glowing, healthy looking feet. 

Boost Your Strands
Are your sexy strands fast losing their hue or are frequent dips in the swimming pool leaving your hair green? Do you have oily roots and extremely dry, split hair ends? Before you lose your sleep over your hairy-woes, know that caring for your mane with massaging, shampooing and conditioning can leave your hair bouncing with joy. Pump up your hair with a stylish snip once in every three months and kiss dry split ends adieu for good.

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