Have you got newly pierced ears? Here are some tips on how to look after pierced ears and avoid infection.

Ear Pierced Care

Someone famous once said “ear piercings make me wanna groove baby”, and in all reality they are really nice things that make you look “pretty-pretty”. Most girls dig them and it is probably the most common form of body piercing. People have been getting their ears pierced, since ancient times. A little trivia to get you thinking would be that, Hindu scriptures attribute ear piercing to the Hindu goddess Lakshmi and therefore you will find most girls in India with ear piercings. In North America too, many tribes had ear piercing as one of their rituals. With time, the popularity of ear piercings has just grown in magnitude. If you are also contemplating getting your ears pierced, then you must know that this painful fad also comes with a lot of initial maintenance. If the newly pierced ears are not looked after well, it can lead to infections. The infection can lead to pus and irritation. All this can be avoided by following just a few simple steps. Here are a few tips on how to look after pierced ears with care.
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Ear Piercing Care 
  • The most important thing to do after getting your ears pierced is to keep the region clean. Clean your ears only once a day, preferably while taking a bath. Don’t do it too often, as it will affect your body’s recovery system to self heal.
  • Orally you could also take vitamin-B with zinc or a multivitamin tablet. A vitamin tablet enhances the healing process.
  • Make sure that there is no hair wound around the ear piercing, hair can transmit hair products, dirt, and other bacteria onto the wound.
  • Clean pillowcases more often than usual, the key to the whole looking after part is making sure that no bacteria affects the wound.
  • Avoid public telephones, and wipe your own phones with anti-septic before using them, make sure there is no dust on the telephone.
  • Use die free and perfume free products when it comes to shampoos and conditioners. Mainly during the healing phase of the piercing.
  • Keep rinsing the wound with saline solution to remove the crest. The crest is a yellow colored clear fluid that gets secreted and is called as lymph. It solidifies and forms sharp edges that could be harmful for the skin.
  • Some of the things you avoid is, don’t keep touching the ear piercing. If you want to touch your ear, make sure you your hands are clean.
  • Do not remove your earrings for at least three months after getting your ears pierced. Removing them again and again can lead to infections. It can also lead to the ear hole entirely closing. In such a situation, you will have to get your ears pierced all over again.
  • Do not use substances like alcohol and hydrogen peroxide on your ears. These substances are very strong and can affect the tissues around the ears. They also promote scarring on tender flesh like ear.
  • In case of any reddening or burning sensation, or any kind of drainage of yellow. Green colored fluid consult your physician or your piercer as these are signs of infection.
  • Choose the right metals while selecting the jewelry for the earrings. If you have gotten something like the gunshot done then chances are that the metal used is some kind of cheap quality steel. Either use silver or 24-karat gold.

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