The fondness for a tattoo can cost your dear, if taking care of new tattoos is not your cup of tea. This article comes up with some significant tips on how to care for your new tattoo.

How To Take Care Of Your New Tattoo

If you are fond of tattooing, you should also be ready to take the essential care of your tattoo, more so, when it’s new. A fresh tattoo can easily give you infections, if not carefully attended to. Since you have undergone so much pain for getting a tattoo; it makes all the more sense that you take precautions for maintaining it as well. The article suggests some important tips on how to take care of your new tattoo, so that you can flaunt it later on, without any worries. Read on to explore tips on know how a new tattoo should be treated to avoid infections.
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Taking Care Of New Tattoos
Leave The Bandage Overnight
After the tattoo is carved, it is bandaged by the artist, to protect the wound from the bacteria that are present in the air. Your fresh wound, if not bandaged, can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria-caused infection. While some artists might allow you to open the bandage after two hours, it is advisable to leave it overnight, to let the wound heal properly.
You will be able keep your wound free from dirt, lint, and air-borne bacteria, by keeping it bandaged. However, if the wound has been covered by some kind of plastic or Saran wrap, it should be removed immediately, as it can be too suffocating and detrimental for the tattoo. In this case, it is better to keep your tattoo open, to avoid choking the wounded part from lack of air.
Wash & Remove The Tattoo
Remove the bandage in the morning. Thereafter, gently wash the tattooed area and the area around it, with a mild liquid-based antimicrobial or antibacterial soap. Use lukewarm water to wash your hands first. It is advisable to use your hands to wash the tattooed area. Do not use a washcloth or anything abrasive. Pat the area firmly with a clean towel or paper towel and let it dry. Take care not to rub the tattooed area, while washing or wiping it.
Caring For The Tattoo
Use an antibacterial medication to cover the tattooed area after it has been washed and dried. Consult your tattoo artists for the same. You will find such ointments easily available at the local chemist shop. Apply a small amount of the ointment on your tattoo, very gently. Continue to apply it over a week or so.
Afterwards, you can stop using the medication, but it is still essential to keep your tattoo clean and dirt free, till the wound has been healed completely. You can replace the ointment, if you prefer, with a mild lotion, devoid of perfume and dye. This will keep your skin soft and supple, while continuing to protect the tender area of the tattoo.
Avoid using Neosporin on your tattoo. It’s an excellent product for cuts and scrapes, but not for tattoos. Some people can have an allergic reaction to Neosporin as well, in the form of little red bumps. Eventually, the bumps go away, but so will the ink and you will end up with a polka-dotted tattoo.

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