Proper skin care is a must while dieting. Read below on how to take care of your skin while dieting.

Taking Care Of Your Skin While Dieting

The skin is the mirror of the diet and lifestyle. If the diet is healthy and balanced, and the lifestyle less strenuous, then the skin will reflect this with glow and radiance. The skin also reflects every change in the body, more so if the change is diet related. This is the thing that is more observed during dieting. It is the best indicator of your health. When a person is dieting, the body undergoes drastic change. What the body earlier used to receive in enormous quantities is now stifled. So, it has to adjust to the new regime. What is hard for the body to adjust is even harder for the skin. For long, the skin was treated to fats and calories, and the sudden drop in the fat intake makes the skin react with violent acne and also in various other ways. Read below to know the various ways in which you can take care of your skin during dieting.
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Skin Care Tips While Dieting 
  • During dieting there is minimal or no intake of fats and calories. So, the first few weeks during dieting can stress your skin. However, the stress on the skin can be relieved with time.
  • One of the most common skin problems during dieting is the “dieter’s acne”. The acne can occur for the first time during dieting or the acne can breakout during the dieting phase as a result of the new eating plan. This acne will only subside when the body gets used to the new diet. It is important that you don’t stress out because of this outbreak or it will take more time to heal.
  • Put on minimal or no makeup during dieting. This will help the skin to ‘breathe’. So, acne and stress on the skin will also be relieved.
  • Keep the skin clean every day. This will keep the pores open and allow it to eliminate toxins.
  • For healthy skin, it is imperative that the weight be lost slowly. This will give the skin time to adjust to the new diet plan.
  • Fats help in keeping the skin, tight. During dieting since there is, no or very less intake of fat, the skin will start developing wrinkles and lines. So it is always recommended to use firming creams during dieting. This will prevent the development of lines and wrinkles during dieting.
  • Citrus fruits are a must. Drink plenty of lime and orange juice as they help in keeping the skin firm. The vitamin C in citrus fruits also stimulates the collagen production.
  • Use soy based products on the skin as they help in making the skin smoother. You can also take vitamin E supplement. Take them before going to bed at night. This will enhance the skin’s repair work and also increase the moisture. Evening primrose supplement is also especially good for this but use it only on the recommendation of your doctor.
  • Due to low fat intake, the lipid layer on the skin is also reduced. So, the skin cannot hold the moisture and tends to dry up. To prevent this, use moisturizer to help the skin hold the moisture.

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