Do you swear by the marine life and wish to experience such a luxury day in and day out? If yes, then getting intricate designs of seashell tattoos would be an ideal bet. Read on and get inking.

Seashell Tattoos

One way to experience the beauty of nature is to be by the seaside and appreciate its rich aquatic life with beautiful little creatures. While trying to recollect the various creations with regard to the sea, seashells and mollusks are those that deserve a true appreciation, as they are both elegant and unique, which justly explains man’s attraction towards them. It can be ascertained from the word “unique” that each seashell is particularly different from the other one, owning its respective design. While nature has carved creative and intricate designs on seashells, man has been not too far in replicating his fantasy and allure of the seashell in the form of art. Body tattoo is one of the most popular forms of art, used by people to give wings to their fantasies. People choose to get strikingly stunning seashell tattoos on them for various reasons. While some get seashell tattoo done because it gives them a feel of the sea, others choose it because it gives them the sweet smell of the memories etched in their life. For yet others, seashell tattoos are just another way of enhancing their style and fashion quotient. No matter what the reasons are, seashell tattoos are truly trendy and eye catching. This article provides you with beautiful and the most famous seashell tattoo design ideas.
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Seashell Tattoo Design Ideas
Starfish & Seashell Tattoos
Starfish & seashell tattoo is common among the tattoo designs and is preferred by both men and women. While both starfish and seashell can be flaunted separately, an intricate design that webs the two together is generally preferred, as the outcome looks absolutely spectacular. If the design is small in size, a black ink would be ideal to make it look elegant. One of the best seashell designs used for tattooing is the scallop shell design. Star fish and a scallop shell have an attractive attribute when in combination. Just get the starfish & seashell tattoo inked on your body and be a star in your own right!
Pilgrimage Seashell Tattoos
Pilgrimage seashell tattoo stands as one of the unique shell designs used for making tattoos. Size of this shell is large and considered to be similar to a scallop shell, except for the vertical lines that run across the horizontal ones. If made into large designs, pilgrimage seashell tattoos can look very attractive. The design can be inked at back on the arm, neck or even on the lower back, to give you a trendy look. This design looks trendy when it stands alone and thus, no combinations seem to be required. Many tribes have known to have drawn these tattoos and thus, these can be termed as tribal tattoos as well.
Nautilus Seashell Tattoos
Nautilus is a frequently used tattoo design. The different shapes give nautilus seashell tattoos a unique design. They can be both artistically and symmetrically designed. Small designs of this tattoo can be drawn on the wrist, ankle or feet. For small tattoos, blank ink looks better than the colored tattoos. The Celtic style of art can be used to give nautilus seashell tattoos an alluring appearance.
Conch Seashell Tattoos
Very rarely found, large-sized seashells are the Conch seashells. They are often found in the sea beds. Belonging to a species of snails, they are known to be large and vertical in shapes. Since this particular seashell is an exceptional and distinctive one, many opt for this tattoo design. Getting this tattoo inked on the back can surely earn you rave reviews for the same. The best aspect about this design is that it gives tattoo makers a chance to coalesce their ingenuity and style with the design, for a beautiful outcome. You can also add some text to the tattoo to make it look authentic and classy.

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