Emo makeup is the latest fad among teenagers, especially girls, who swear by emocore music. To know more on how to do emo eye makeup for girls, read through the article.

Emo Makeup For Girls

Big, bold kohl-rimmed eyes, pale pallor, skinny jeans, studded belts, black wristbands and side-swept bangs - this is how one would describe the boisterous emo fashion. A trend put into vogue by contemporary hardcore punk and indie rock bands, emo fashion has been on rise ever since and have been flaunted by the punks and the Goths alike. Emo fashion is everything that boasts of neon or dark eye shadows, thick dark eye liners, oodles of mascara and yes, not to forget those killer false eye lashes. In brief, emo makeup is all about overplayed eye than anything else. Like all other Gothic, steampunk and indie fashion style, emo makeup too has defied the natural order of things and has won itself an iconic bearing over the time. Emo makeup is all about being outstandingly ostentatious with your eyes, while keeping the rest of the makeup to bare minimum. So, for all you girls, who are game for emo makeup, look no further. Here are some expert tips to get that sweltering black pallid look. To know more on this, read on.
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How To Do Emo Makeup For Girls
  • To set the punk look straight, begin by dabbing a smooth coat of liquid foundation on your face and neck. With the help of a sponge or your finger tips, even the layer. Choose a foundation that is closer to your natural skin tone for a heightened pale pallor. You can use a face powder or concealer of a similar shade to match your purpose. However, avoid a caked look.
  • Emo makeup is all about loud, bold eyes! To do the eyes, begin by applying eye shadow on your lids. You can play with a variety of color palette to pick your hue. However, darker hues and bright neon shades are the best bet to achieve the bold appeal. Do not smudge your eye shadow.
  • Using a kohl pencil or an eyeliner stick, line your bottom lash. Keep the line close to the lashes and sweep it in one straight line, starting from either direction, for max results. Emo eyes are all about big bold black eyes. Thus, you may need to redo the eyeliner 4-5 times for optimum appeal. You can also use colored liners to add a dash of glamour to your look. Smudge the bottom eyeliner for a smoky effect.
  • Now, concentrating on your top lash, stretch a thick straight line on your upper lid, keeping it closer to the lid, at both the corners of your eyes. Hike the outer line slightly towards the temples for that catlike appeal.
  • Take thick, voluminizing black mascara and sweep both your upper and bottom lashes for an intense appeal. Don’t smudge the mascara. If you have scanty eyelashes or wish to add more drama to your appearance, you can stick to false lashes.
  • As already said, emo makeup bets big on Gothic eye makeup! Thus, a bright hued lipstick is an absolute no-no. Wear your lips bare or plain gloss it with a nude lip shine.

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