Now wear your luck with interesting ladybug tattoos that not only look cute, but also symbolize good luck. Read on to get ideas on ladybug tattoos and get inked.

Ladybug Tattoos

Love it or leave it, tattoos are the real rage now, with almost everyone right from a punk star to a celebrity going gaga over it. However, this isn’t any new development in the spectrum of beauty and fashion, as the concept of body art has been in vogue since ancient times. The once modest art form has only evolved over time to become a more ostentatious form of body display. Today people are game for big, bold, colorful tattoos. However, for more modest tattoo lovers, something cute yet striking like ladybug would just be fine. Ladybug tattoos have been around for quite some time now and have been highly appraised for their portentous charm. Just like ladybugs have been associated with good luck and fortune, the tattoos, too, share a similar status. The symbolic importance of ladybug tattoos goes back to the Middle Ages, when the peasants referred these tiny ladybugs as “The Beetles of Our Lady” and related them to Providence. Classic folklores have related these tiny little bugs to good fortune, health and prosperity. The diverse symbolical importance has won ladybug tattoos an unparalleled status with the tattoo lovers. Ladybug tattoos can be worn on shoulders, ankles, wrists and make for a creative statement. Here are some interesting ladybug tattoos for you to explore. Read on for more.
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Ladybug Tattoo Ideas
  • If you have been swooning over the idea of inking a tattoo without going overboard or appearing overblown, a small ladybug tattoo at your wrist, stomach or ankle would just be fine. You can ask your tattoo artist to ink a simple variant of ladybug tattoo or incorporate other innovative designs like, flowers, leaves, vines and butterflies too.
  • You can turn your ladybug tattoo into total stunner by inking a dazzling ladybug posing on a flower or a vine. You can also ink in stars or hearts or small blooms to your ladybug tattoo to make it more exquisite.
  • While leaves and flowers merged ladybug tattoos look more delicate and exquisite, one can make a bold statement by incorporating ladybug to tribal tattoos. For more options, you can try insect tattoos like butterfly, dragonfly and more.
  • Since ladybug is treated as an auspicious symbol, you can add more luck to your tattoo by inking some other lucky charms like horseshoes or four leaf clovers. How your tattoo comes up will depend on the ingenuity and dexterity of your tattoo artist?
  • Conventional ladybug tattoos are usually bright red colored and spotted. However, you can extend your options to other colors and experiment with other bright hues like yellow, blue, orange and more for a more distinct appeal.
  • Ladybug tattoos look really cute and can be worn on feet and ankles. They make an extremely feminine appeal if worn on foot. However, they can be sported with equal panache on other interesting areas like wrist lower back, sleeve and more.
  • A non-traditional bug tattoo would make for a cool style statement and make your tattoo stand out. Just get creative and use your ladybug on a variety of settings or imagery for a cool ink. You can also create small traditional bug designs and fill you entire arm with them.

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