Are you looking for methods of disguising a tattoo you no longer like? If yes, then go through this article and find information on how to camouflage a tattoo and much more.

How To Camouflage A Tattoo

Having a tattoo and flaunting it with extreme pride has become a trendy thing today. Youngsters go ahead with tattooing in various forms and because of various reasons. While some of them like the idea of flaunting the name of their love interest on a body part, others do it for concealing birthmarks or stretch marks. There is yet another section of people, who go through the tattooing process just for sheer excitement and then, we have some people who get a tattoo only to follow the latest trend and be a part of the 'in-crowd'.
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Whatever be the reason behind undergoing it, tattooing has its set of drawbacks and complications as well. There are times, when people actually think of removing the tattoo, especially after breaking up with boyfriend/girlfriend. Other reasons include bad designs/rough art, infections or even the design becoming outdated and embarrassing. When you feel that the tattoo you are sporting is not what you currently need, you can simply go ahead and remove it. There are loads of techniques to remove a tattoo, such as laser treatment, abrasion, scarification and surgery.
Each one of the methods used for the removal of tattoos has its drawbacks. Some of those methods can even leave you with scars and allergies. So, rather than going for removal, camouflaging or disguising the tattoo is a better option. Go to a professional tattoo artist and discuss about the same, as to how you want to camouflage the existing tattoo. You may also do it at home. Now, the question arises as to how to camouflage a tattoo. This is what we have tried to answer, through the following lines.
How To Conceal Tattoos
At Tattoo Parlor
  • If you want to camouflage your tattoo at a tattoo parlor, it is suggested that you approach the artist from whom you got the original tattoo done. He would know the way the tattoo has been done, helping him decide how to camouflage it.
  • If you feel there has been a change in the shape of your body part and the original tattoo is looking dull, ask the professional to tattoo your hand with some exciting design.
  • While getting a tattoo camouflaged, ensure that the design chosen in this case is bigger and bolder than the original one.
  • While camouflaging a tattoo, the artist would inject pigments into the skin, either to form a new pattern or to disguise it, with skin-toned pigments. This way, the original tattoo will be covered with a new one.
At Home
This method is best in case you want to conceal your tattoo on a temporary basis, say for attending a wedding or an interview.
Things Required
  • Concealer Cream (Two Shades)
  • Loose Powder
  • Cotton Swab/Paintbrush
  • Towel
  • Wash the tattooed area of your body under running water. Towel-dry the area and then apply the light color of a thick concealer cream. Make use of a thin paintbrush, to brush the concealer over the tattoo. You may also use a dry cotton swab, for the purpose. Be sure to cover the entire tattoo with the concealer, but avoid the surrounding skin.
  • Apply the second shade of the thick concealer in the aforementioned manner. In this step, you need to cover the outside edges of the tattoo, well. Blend the concealer thoroughly into your skin. Apply strokes in a gentle manner.
  • Set both the shades of the concealer into the tattooed area, with the help of a loose powder. Apply the powder directly onto the area, using cosmetic puff.

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