Straight hair is one of the most sought-after accessories, which every girl desires to have. With this article, know how to straighten your hair naturally.

Straighten Your Hair Naturally

There is no doubt about the fact that straight silky hair perks up a girl's attitude quotient. However, the torture that our hair has to go through, during those hours of re-bonding, is certainly a put off for any sensible woman. For the women who shudder at the idea of hours of harmful chemicals and electrical appliances functioning on their hair, there is a better option, in the form of natural hair straightening methods. They are the best way to have straight silky hair, that too without the use of costly and harmful chemicals and certainly no side effects.
Natural straightening methods are cheap and easily available too. So, why are these methods not much popular? It’s because they take long hours and many months, to give the results. However, the results are the best; you get straight hair with shine, silky softness, that too for long-term. So, instead of wasting your time in hovering around salons, give yourself these treatments at home and find yourself with the straight hair only seen in advertisements. Want to know more on how to straighten your hair naturally? Read on.
How To Get Straight Hair Naturally
  • Get a glass of coconut milk and add juice of one lemon to it. After mixing it properly, refrigerate it till the time a creamy layer forms on top. Apply this cream on your hair and leave it for some time. Cover your hair with a hot towel. Now, wash and condition your hair as usual. Comb your hair while still wet. You would find that your hair are shiny and less unruly. After several repetitions of the process, you would find your hair straighter too.
  • Take a cup of milk and add a few drops of honey to it. Mix in some mashed strawberries and then apply the mixture on the hair. Keep it on your hair for two hours and then wash off, with a mild shampoo. Blow-dry hair, with a wide-teethed comb. Voila! Your hair is straighter, shinier, and more beautiful than ever.
  • Hot oil treatment is another method that nourishes and moisturizes your hair, making it straighter in the long run. Heat a little oil, be it coconut, olive, or any other oil of your preference, and apply it on the scalp. Wrap a hot towel on your head and leave it for some time. Wash your hair after sometime, to find it glossy, smooth, and straighter.
  • Beat two eggs and add a spoon of olive oil to them. Mix thoroughly. Take a wide teethed comb and divide your hair in different small sections. Stretch the hair with the comb and thoroughly apply this paste on it with a small brush. Wrap it in silver foils and keep for a few hours. Wash it off with a very mild shampoo and find yourself with gorgeous straight hair, sans chemicals.
  • Take one cup of multani mitti (fuller’s earth), one egg white and a few spoons of rice flour. Mix them with water and apply it on your hair. Apply it with a brush and simultaneously comb it. Leave it for half an hour and then comb it again, making it straighter. After combing the hair, leave it for two to three hours. You can comb in between too, to maintain the straight texture. Wash it off, to find silky, smooth and straighter hair.

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